Thursday, 3 February 2011

Day 155

Anne Robinson Impression *Thumbs Up*

OK, let's knuckle down and write this thing. 

I got up today, rather tired. Well, VERY tired. Trudged slowly to the station, where upon I encountered that straggling tramp I call my best friend. Needless to say, I would see him many a time today. 

I got to school, and less than impressed, I had to go and print my Law project. That took forever. No, it really did. We then went back to the hall to set up for a presentation on GCSEs for the year 11. IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN :'D

Law: Social Media and it's affect on law making in Parliament. YAWNNNNN. 
Maths: Kinematics in 2 Dimensions - YAWNNNNN. 
English: Half and Half Lesson, Literally, spent a whole half an hour talking about off topic random crap! I think we're going to cause our English teacher to have a mental breakdown. :s

I had a free after this.. which consisted of little except discussing most disgusting things, and yes. Hat. :L

FIRE DRILL - AT LUNCH. -_____________-

That was thrilling. -_-

I had History in the afternoon which included some MOST innappropriate comments from Mr Holyer, and we were looking at the battles of the Crimea. 

Here's one of Will. With a Musket. 

I went home then, and, erm.. OOH. Uploaded the next VLOG!

I saw Ben this evening, long complicated chats, but, love really. tbh. :') <3

Remember to ask questions for next weeks Q&A :)

That's all Folks! 

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