Friday, 4 February 2011

Day 156

Well, thank FUCK it's Friday. Such a long week.

Woke up, within reasonable time this morning for once, and train with Ben, school, kinda loafed and chatted, and then school. School was easy as today: History cover (iPod, a little bit of work), Maths: Random Friday maths work which was pretty much nothing, and then as law was cancelled, home at breaktime! I got home, watched some Project Runway (yeah, and?) - and then went driving with mum after lunch. That was interesting, the driving wasn't TOO bad, except for one corner, which was. Well. Shocking. My poor mother. :s

I didn't do too much this evening until going for a curry with Dan, Wililam, Harry and Alex this evening, which GENERALLY speaking was a really nice evening, despite the amount of abuse I got!

I miss the summer.. so much. D:

Happy Friday.

Ashtray. <3

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