Saturday, 5 February 2011

Day 157

Well it's been rather a tiring day, but a great one if I'm honest!

Was awake in plenty of time to make a tomato and sweet chilli pasta for lunch, and then was picked up for my driving lesson, which didn't actually go too badly, just not QUITE there yet :L

I then got dropped down at the theatre where I spent most of the day up a ladder :)

YAY lots of lights! I actually had a really nice day with Tom, who it was really nice to talk to again! :D

I'm back there tomorrow to focus, direct and maintain lights and all yeahh! Should be a gooooood day!

That's about all for tonight, remember to keep up with me on FormSpring for next Wednesday's VLOG, and then you can always head onto Twitter as well!

That's all for tonight I think; have a wonderful rest-of-weekend :P <3

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