Sunday, 6 February 2011

Day 158

Evening everyone, are we all well?

Right, quick things before I get going.. I'm up to 33 Questions on FORMSPRING so, I'm going to have to split the next video into two parts over the next week to keep the times down. You can ask questions, should you want to, just click the link there, or send them on the side of the page.

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And now, back to Sunday.

Well, after I woke up, and had very little time to get dressed, but, I got down to the theatre about 10:20ish? And in that time, Tom, Gary and I were rigging, re-rigging, positioning, focussing and programming lights, which sounds mundane and a little like. Ooh fun (!) - but, it really was! It's been a LOVELY weekend.

This was where I heard 'Mistaken Identity', which has become one of my new favourite songs, it's by Delta Goodrem, and you can have a cheeky listen over on YouTube > LINK < - She hits the high notes at the end with SUCH power and grace, it's SO beautiful.

I spent the evening with Fiona, and, I must apologise for falling asleep a couple of times in her company! I feel terrible, but, we had a really LOVELY (:D) evening actually. Fiona had a few of her derp moments, the most classic being that she thought people took toilets with them when they moved house. (Y) *raised eyebrow*

Anyway, Monday tomorrow, eh? Such Fun, I'm sure.

Have a wonderful evening!


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