Monday, 7 February 2011

Day 159

The number 159 is another number I dislike. So is the day of Monday, simply on principle. I guess things I don't like out of principle is quite a large category, encompassing a lot and many, examples include: Hitler, Satan and Gillian McKeith.

Before I begin to talk about my life, might I just add that some people need to pick themselves up a bit and stop fucking moaning all the time. I mean, I know I rant, and I know this is a moan, but, I enjoy life! Considering how lucky to be here, who I am, what I can achieve, whose who are with me, seriously people, just stop dragging your knuckles along the floor and do yourself (and everyone else in the process) a favour, and cheer up! Shit! Life's not so bad y'know.

Monday then.
I woke up and got a lift to school, where, I sat and talked for a bit, then there was a free period. And then another free period. Sittin' on the toilet. No, not literally, just to wind up Harry. Talking of Harry, this is what he looks like when he's 'deep in thought' ;)

I then, pretty much had a free, sat in the tech box texting and stuff while the assembly went ahead. Then, it came to maths, and more mechanics. -_- Which, well. I mean, I did it. I didn't enjoy it though.

Came home, was at home for a little, even had time to fit in a drive with mum and an episode of 'Escape to the Country' - And then back down to the theatre :L

This evening was working on monologues with Fiona, somehow managing to remember an entire speech (?!) - then rehearsals carried on until about 10 this evening.. had a quick phone conversation with Johanna, came home, and started on writing this.

The next VLOG will be coming out some time this week, and I think, on that note, I'll leave you all to the rest of your evening. :)


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