Thursday, 10 February 2011

Day 162

God ALMIGHTY! I'm so tired. Well, no, I'm just exhausted.

I got up, relatively ok-ish, got to the station where it rained, really quite hard. Needless to say the FUCKING train was delayed and this made me wetter, and, I wasn't pleased at all. ¬_¬

Go to school to face a 5 period day. Which, was a struggle. Double English Lit, Double Law and History.

I have to say, we watched a FRICKIN' AWESOME film called '12 Angry Men' which, I actually loved, despite it being 53 years old :P

English Literature entailed an INTERESTING theory.. which I nicknamed the Bell Jar Theory :') Well, erm, Harry and I got to it actually, and, its 'real' name was: The Theory of Individual Human Coincidence and Coexistence.

Mmm. I might write that book one day. :P

The Bell Jar part came from the illustration I used to explain.. and, it's kinda long and weirdly complicated. >.<

Theatre tonight, lots and LOTS of theatre.. I'm exhausted. Really, SO tired.

Imma go now.. The VLOG is uploading now, wait and see for the link in half an hour or so..


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