Friday, 11 February 2011

Day 163


I like Fridays! Well, this Friday in particular :')

I got up, got a lift to school, arrived, pranced about a bit before getting VERY excited that it was Born This Way Friday! :O :O :O

Anyway, after registration, in which my form tutor (a senior lady..) told us all that she had been signed up for internet dating. AWKWARD?

I had a free period next, I sat there, slightly unamused, I hit Will in the face with my spring loaded umbrella and felt AWFUL about it! William! I AM SO SORRY! <3 I was talking to the big JC in the sky (Nick Crandon) as well in this period, which is ALWAYS nice :)

Next came Maths, and... ok, are you seated? I UNDERSTOOD THE WORK! SHOCK. BLIMMIN'. HORROR.

Period 3 and 4 entailed FREE PERIODS! *Score* and Nick kindly invited me back to his where we chatted and it was lovely :) so nice to get to know someone better, and, as it turns out, Nick and I are almost equally retarded in our habits.

Back to school, where, I FIRST HEARD LADY GAGA'S NEW SONG ON MY PHONE AND O.M.G. I FELL IN LOVE. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

It's incredible.

I had law in the afternoon where.. well, where nothing really happened. NOT GUILTY! :P

I got picked up at the station by Beckie and Juliet and I went back there for a bit, and that was so lovely to have a proper catch up and it was all nice and everything. Thank You! :)

Came home, had some REALLY nice steak (thanky'arr mummy :D) and then didn't do a lot except SING :L - I found a vocal score, so, I was singing along to it all rather well :) - Although.. how's THIS for a piano part?!


I went out tonight for the most AMAZING catch up! Aah had such a lovely time, really nice to see you! Definitely gonna have to see you again soon :D

Right, so, here we are, I may wack on a bit of GaGa and leave you to your evenings!


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