Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 165

So, I fancy something a little different blogging tonight. I dunno why, I have a feeling you probably don't want to hear much about my life, though it was a FANTASTIC day, perhaps I should offer my opinion? I dunno. What do you think? Well, it doesn't really matter, because that's what I'm doing. :)

The problem is, I have no idea what to offer my opinion on. :s I could tell you that I'm a little annoyed my iPod just ran out of battery? -_-

No, but, that wouldn't really encapsulate the mood of what I'm trying to say.

Music. What IS music?

I recently bought a book off eBay, the 1884 Edition of 'The Concise Dictionary of Musical Terms' - and indeed the question was posed in the beginning of the book.

It's such an interesting question I think, because music means different things to different people. It's a form of entertainment, a form of art, a form of expression, a lifestyle, a hobby, a ways to earn money, a passion, and yet, it all still comes down to the production of a certain set of frequencies.

For those of you who seek a great deal of pleasure in music, as I do, how can we begin to explain how the consequent vibration of our ear drums manages to shake our soul? Does it even do that, or does that happen because we WANT it to happen. How can one write such edifying scratches on paper and have them translated into emotionally shifting masterpieces?

The answer is.. well, I don't know.

It's the same principle for art really too. How can a series of paint blots on canvas move us emotionally? Again, I don't know.

This is why I like to believe in the idea of a soul. I know, I may be being OVERLY philosophical now, and it may all be a little far-fetched, and I'm not exactly a massive spiritualist, but I like the idea that music, and indeed art in general, the art of expression is the communication of the soul, from one to another, even from one to itself.

And I shall leave you to ponder on that thought.


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