Monday, 14 February 2011

Day 166

Sunday/Monday night was possibly the worst night's sleep in a LONG time. I was tossing and turning until about like. 5:30 in the morning? So, yeah, as nights go, it was one to remember, but for the wrong reasons.

I did get up feeling... unusually ok this morning. I got a lift into school, and arrived. And I don't really remember what happened from there.

So instead, here is a summary of my day in rhyming couplets:

I awoke today, feeling quite grim,
The skies were grey, the sun was dim,
A lift to school was really needed,
'Don't make me go!' I sorely pleaded.

It was a Monday of course, lest I forget,
My bag was packed, my mind was set
For a day at school, more lessons to learn,
More poems to study, and my bed to yearn.

It began, no less, with poets themselves,
Wordsworth's poems to which we delved,
To study the beauty and power of earth,
The feelings created, the joy and the mirth.

English again, and essays once more,
An hour ticked by, that hour: a bore.
Needless to say, many plans we made
For essays to write in the coming days.

And then, after break, the day went ahead,
History began, and I craved my bed,
It's not that the Boers aren't that exciting,
But the politics of England weren't that delighting.

A maths lesson now, and lo and behold,
It wasn't too fun, not wondrous nor bold,
The sequence of numbers, and how they progress,
A plan for the day did somewhat digress.

It was time to go home, and about time too,
I do love leaving at a quarter to 2,
My mum picked me up, so I could drive back,
I gave Chris a lift, though he didn't see black.

An adventurous drive, so some may say,
Possibly my worst attempt of the day (!),
Alas, I got back, all in one part,
And I sat down for lunch, a culinary art!

Driving again for my lesson soon after,
"You have to treat these things with laughter"
So said my instructor, on me doing wrong,
Not great driving: no dance and no song!

I came home after that, and I assure you this,
This day'd been long: it was taking the piss,
As back out I went, to go down to the theatre,
My driving, not great, it should have been straighter!

I had a good evening, I cannot deny,
A cockney Robin and a biscuit: SLY
Though it seemed on my behalf,
Plenty of fun and plenty of laugh.

I came home, but then didn't stay long,
For back out I went, still going strong,
To see my lovely Fiona, my sweet,
For Valentine's Day: I owed her a meet!

I didn't stay long, and quickly came home,
So to write my essay, for my attention did roam,
On what to write, about who and when,
But that's the problem with school, yet again.

And that is my day, my poem, my life:
I hope I haven't occurred too much strife,
For the poem is over, as is this day -
And into bed, I will now stray.


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