Sunday, 13 March 2011

Day 180

We're now under 3 weeks away from day 200! This is exciting; no?

How are we all? Are we well? I do hope so.

Now settle down... you, at the back. Calm yourself.

I was up relatively early this morning, and drove down to the M3, where I swapped places with mum who drove the motorway, and then we arrived at the family's up in Surrey.

Had plenty of food, of course, played plenty of piano, talked about stuff and all that. Was quite a nice and relaxing day.

I drove back down to the motorway from my Gran's, got onto the motorway and had a good singsong on the road, where there was really quite a nice view from our car >.<

I then swapped with mum once again after the motorway, and then drove home, well. Just about.

I got caught in quite a... worrying diversion which took me down some very windy dark roads and was a LITTLE bit nerve-wracking, alas, nevermind.

We made it home eventually!

I think on that, it's Monday tomorrow, and I shall leave you momentarily.

ALSO, quickly, I've now had nearly £30 pledged for my sponsored silence, and thank you SO much for all the support so far. If you fancy sponsoring me, you can do online (via cards or even paypal) by clicking >THIS LINK<  - Or just let me know in person and I can collect money :P

I think that's about it! :)

Nightnight <3

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