Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Day 183

Do I ever spend any time at home, I hear you ask. The answer is seemingly no!
I just walked in, and here I am, typing away, once again.

This was a Wednesday, in case you didn't know; and off I trudged along with the sound of Adele in my ears to the train station, where I promptly boarded, and (I forgot the word.. AHH yes) disembarked the train, got into school, had a chat, set up for assembly which was then cancelled, went into Law, discussed the opening stages of a Parliamentary law making, proceeded to History where the monarchy was discussed at great length and the foundation of a Royal Family was probed, and then we moved onto the Propaganda machine of the Great War.

After a breaktime full of random dinosaur noises and the absolute desolation of my kindeys, an hours private study period proved wonderfully helpful in reading up opn the Boer War (or as Steve and I refer it to, as: The Boo-er Woo-er. Because we're cool.)

THEN.. had English. Began looking at a poem but it descended into God only knows what sort of conversation. I think, one of the corkers went along the lines of: "It's good, with a little bit of bad. Like raping Joanna Lumley."


Hometime? Oh sure why not. I walked home with the ever gorgeous William. And sorry, I just got a text from a train dwelling, phone calling, theatre going, Rattigan knowing, conference missing, budget sorting, German teacher disciplining BABE which I need to address..

OK; done. Rehearsals tonight.. fun fun fun. Actually it was, treading the boards once again. Another set picture.. this is what the other side of a set looks like through a door.. OOH what cheats!


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