Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day 187

I only just realised, I've now been blogging for more than half a year! Good God. What madness.

I'm gonna have to keep this relatively short. Which now means it's gonna be like. One of the longest ones I've ever done!

First of all; what happened this morning... Oh, erm, I got up, as many of us do after waking up, and I cracked on with a bit more work and research and it was all going rather swimmingly. In fact, it continued to, and then I had lunch, I know, this day just gets more and more exciting!

This afternoon I had to pop down to the theatre for what was an incredibly short tech rehearsal, literally: on stage, off stage, ok, you can go, see you tomorrow! So that was all rather wonderful.

From there, I had a bit of a Sunday drive down to Henley and Sonning and that sort of area, and, although it was hard work, it was a lovely day, and yes. All rather wonderful. I came home, and, well, I haven't done much since, although, I did just sit and play the piano for a bit.. I've decided to try and learn Christian Sinding's Rustle of Spring; which is not as hard as it sounds, so long as you have quick fingers!

Oh, that's what else. Super-Moon last night, I snuck out and got a picture, and it was all rather pretty!

Well, I thought it was anyway!

That's all for now everyone! Oh, can we reach 17000?! Here's hoping! :D


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  1. Tom, you keep putting the pictures next to the wrong bit of text, sorry but it really bugs me. XD