Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Day 189

OK, so I've had a mind blank on the old essay, so, I thought I'd get down and write a decent post for all your lovely followers :D

I'm thinking of doing one of those 'random 100 facts about me' posts soon.. AND I ALSO HAVEN'T DONE A DECENT YOUTUBE VIDEO IN AGES. So, never fear, there is one coming.. soon. I hope.

Hasn't the weather been lovely?! Like, jeez. It's been lovely. Nice and hot and sunny. Like a tropical island. Just not as sunny. Or hot. Or Nice. OK, so, not like a tropical island. The closest I've got to sipping luxury cocktail out of a coconut is drinking cloudy apple juice out of an M&Ms mug. Pushing the boundaries on life, I know. Bite me.

I've been in a play, did you know? I bet you did. AND not only are my famalam coming to see it, but so are Phoebe and Sarah on Monday, AND the wonderful Alistair on Tuesday! Perhaps even Beckie, though I'm not yet sure..! Now I bet you're all sitting there like. Ooh, Thomas! What do you look like in your costume? Well. Take a peak..

Yes, that is a toilet cistern in the background.

So, tonight is our opening night and I'm REALLY rather excited if I'm honest! It's also only a Wednesday, and you know you have those weeks, where you just feel like it should be Friday already? Yeah. It should be Friday.


I JUST GOT WRITTEN ABOUT ON PETER'S (Pietre? Pierre? Peetor?) Blog, which you can go read over here > Link <

Twitter followers have gone up to 74 now, and I have to say, I'm really getting excited about Twitter, it's so. Nice and friendly :'D - I am yet to have a Twitter hater. *touches wood*

RIGHT. What else. This has been a bit of a nonsensical post, and I must apologise.

Have I promised any shoutouts to anyone? I can't remember. Ermm.. Oh well, the random shoutout goes to Alex Thurston for posting the picture on my Facebook wall the other day congratulating me on 17,000 views of the blog, and, actually, thank you to him and all the rest of you for helping me get there! I must say, I don't like the number 17, so all the help needed to get to 18000 now please! ;D

OK, I think on that, I'll get back to my essay writing before going out and parading around as Taplow. ;P


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