Monday, 28 March 2011

Day 194

What a day, eh?! Ooh that rhymes.

"Why don't you.. stay for the night, or maybe a bite, I could show you my favourite obsession.."

Yes, Glee IS on in the background.

I've just come home from another performance at the theatre, and the family and Phoebe came tonight; I hope they liked it!

However, back to more today-sy matters, I went to Reading University for a convention on Higher Education.. and you know what THAT means... PROSPECTUSES!

Yes, I am a prospectus whore. I ended up with 41 of them. They weighed 16kg, well. 2.5 stone. Oww.
But thank you to Paul, Rob and Josh for carrying some of them! :D

Came home, and yeah. You know about my evening!

Sweet Dreams you lot.. <3

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