Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Day 196

Again, I find myself writing this before I'm back out at the theatre again this evening.

Matthew just went 'blomblomblomblomb...blomb' and asked me to let you all know.

Today was a marked improvement on yesterday, I must say. I'm now typing with one hand as Matthew is giving me a 'wawaxing Chinase nize han-massage' (I relaxing Chinese Nice hand massage..)

OK, he's stopped now. So, yes, today. I got up, noticeably late, got driven to the station and hopped on the train, most lethargically I must say.. Had Law, looked at Parliamentary Sovereignty, then History, looked at the economy and all in the Great War, then a silent study period (¬_¬) and then English before lunch. Well, this English lesson was pretty much an hour of relaxed work with Kevin as our special guest! My OCD kicked in with the ol' pen disassembly and reassembly..!

I came home, had a bit of a sleep after watching Silk from last night (which was AWESOMES :D) and, yes, had some dinner, and I'm off out momentarily!

I gotta say, sitting here, looking out the window with my window open, the sun is setting, it's warm, well, warm enough, what I'd LOVE to do right now is be sat in the middle of Hyde Park or something with sandals and shorts, a picnic and just be all like. Summer-y? I think, I can't wait for summer. In case you couldn't tell.

Anyways, toodle you lot.


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