Thursday, 31 March 2011

Day 197

Heyy everyone, I know, another late one, and it won't be very long either.. So sorry!

Got up, walked to the station, got caught behind the slowest walker EVER. Got to school, English (poetry), Law (Magistrate visit), free period, History (drinking and WLA AND firebell) and then English again in the afternoon, which was the discussion of tree sex. Mm.

Got home, watched a SERIOUSLY tense episode of Deal or No Deal with Sam and Harry, and, on one of the adverts, y'know, where the skin 'breathes' and there are all those naked people being skin follicles? Yeahh. Well, one of them looked to be rather well endowed.. :o

Theatre again tonight, and, yes, that went very well, had a good laugh with everyone in the dressing room as well, and, here I am, gotta bit of stuff to sort out, and then I'm done!

Toodles.. <3

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