Sunday, 17 April 2011

Day 214



I went to London today. Well. Just about. I fell asleep on the train.


I got to London and greeted Alistair.

We then strolled down the river and reached Tower Bridge where we ran into all the marathon.

And subsequent runners. My, there were a lot of them. Literally, couldn't quite believe it. I'll talk about it in my next vlog though.

Strolled down to the theatre before lunch, this lovely quirky theatre in the suburban part of London;; and it was a really flippin' good play! Tiny little theatre, but, yes. Really kinda thought-provoking performance.

Walked back into the centre of London, had some lunch at the riverside, walked round the Tate Modern, headed to the BFI where we saw some interesting work..! Then, that was that, and got on the train on the way home.

Managed to do plenty of revision on the train home for English, got home, and then it's been an interesting evening!

I released (*cough* making me sound like I'm sort of musician.. *cough*) another song onto YouTube which you can listen to below:

And then thank you Nat, I got talking to Claire who has asked me to compose the music for her University animation project. Wow much? So, I got super excited and started writing a load of music tonight, which Nat has now heard a bit of, but, it's very much in the early stages, but, could be exciting!

Anyway. I'm doing this and then I'm gonna plan my next vlog and then sit down with some revision.


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