Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day 216

Ever feel like these posts just get a little. Mundane?

Hmm. Oh well! Hopefully this one won't be! I was up kinda early today, revision, bla bla, you get the picture.

ANYWHO. I went out tonight! I know! A social life? Me? Surely not! But, I kid you not.

Johnny and I got down to the station where we met Will and got the train into Reading, where we were MEANT to meet Matt and Taz, but that didn't quite happen - they missed their bus. Twice. -_-

Anyway, so we met Louise and Chris (Whom it was wonderful to meet this evening!) And headed down to TGIs where we'd wait for Matt and Taz to arrive. This was a fun time, including the singing of Grease and a random outburst of 'I LOVE GLEE!' - To a totally different conversation. ANYWAYS, Matt and Taz arrived, we went inside and we were served by THE most lovely waitress ever!

Anyway, about 148406509183475091834659113453455374839 calories later, we settled the bill, left the waitress a little note, well, I did. And then started the journey home.

THUS BEGAN my bonding time with Matthew. Who, I got to know really well this evening, and it turns out, he's rather smashing. Bit of a bromance going on there ;D

In fact, here's a rubbish blurry picture!

D'aww :) So, Jonny, Taz, Matt and I jammed in Wokingham a bit and then following the discovery of music tastes and conversations about egg laying, we walked Matt back to the station, then walked home, and here we are.

God, what an INTERESTING life! ;D

Anywayss. I shall bid you all a goodnight. :)


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