Friday, 22 April 2011

Day 219

MY what a night it was last night. Had such a lovely time with everyone, even when looking after a very ill Megan! But, I have to say, my state, in between an epic 4some, BBQ-failures, mixing way too many drinks and all the rest of it, is pretty much this photo of Jess and Me.

Subsequently, I haven't done much today, I've been rather hungover. Well, after 2 hours sleep or so, I seemed to awake ontop of Megan, and feeling rather grotty, and we all woke up slowly throughout the day; and there was even an interesting conversation about the social cleansing of people over 30 stone; I'll thank Sammy for that.

Anyway, I met loads'a people and it was all very nice and we all had a wonderful time I think, and yes.

I'm sitting in the dark still recovering, and I think I'm going to NEED an early night tonight!


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