Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day 220

Helloo everyone;

My, I slept well last night, like. Like a log! I haven't fallen asleep so quickly since I was about 8 years old, but, my I had a wonderful time, and it was totally worth it!

Anyway, I was up quite early this morning and drove down to the motorway, and yeahh. Arrived at the family place in Surrey, and I've had a really nice and relaxing day in the sun with many-a-Pimms and yes, it's been a really nice time. Recorded my music for the animation on an old-rustic squeaky piano which is quite nice, and yeahh.

This evening was a Come Dine With Me marathon, followed by the new series of Dr.Who (which was EPIC! :D) and then Britain's Got Talent, which was also just as good :')

Anyway, I'm here, blagging off an unsecured internet connection, so, I'll have to keep this post short!

Night everyonee

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