Monday, 25 April 2011

Day 222


I had quite a positive response from last night's post, and I'm actually glad I got quite a large audience for what was quite a thoughtful post. I stick by exactly what I said though.

I had a long day today with a lot of revision and essay writing and things like that.

So, with only 4 days to go until the Royal Wedding; how're we all feeling about it? Personally, I'm quite excited. I know that a million and one different people couldn't give two shits about it, but, I have to say, I'm really looking forward to it! I think it just exemplifies the idea of National Pride and let's face it, what Britain does best with a good ol' bit of Pomp&Circumstance! I know that people say that the monarchy are terribly outdated and there's no place for it in a modern democracy, but really, what's it the harm in having them there?

How would we get rid of a millennia-old system, a figure of what we are as a country, and really, it's just nice! They do more good than they do harm, I'm sure, and I'm not saying that the system is perfect but I like it. Personally. Just me I guess.

Gareth Malone is on BBC1. I want to be him I think. I WANT TO BE HIM.



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  1. I agree i think the queen is a really big part of what makes our country great xx