Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day 224

So, I find myself writing this sat in the classroom of a totally fucking MENTAL lesson with year 9. Whom, of these year 9s, I think all of them must be certifiably NUTS.

And not in the cute nuts way, like, old people nuts. I mean. Scary kitten-stamping nuts.

I was meant to be doing work this lesson, alas, this failed. Well, no, that's not quite true, I've been like. Sat here working through my essay for English, as I am actually sitting here in my English classroom with my English teacher. Although she's talking about football to a guy that looks like he wouldn't know how to spell IQ.

In fact, I think he spelt 'hurt' - h..e..r..t.

Yep. Anyway, I mustn't criticise. I was at that level once. At the age of about. 2.

Anyway, what else have I done today? Well, I got up. Late. >.<

Got into school, didn't do much while I was there, well. I had Law, which was something vaguely boring. History, in which I GENUINELY nearly fell asleep, like, I felt myself genuinely drifting and yawning time and time again..

So, here I am now, and I think English is about to start, so, like. I'll go and correct people's grammar as they talk and carry on typing later!

English was great in the end! I sat there, corrected a bit of the essay and sang Glee the entire time!

I came home at lunch today though, it being Wednesday and sat down with a good'ol episode of Dr Who (Are you my mummy?) on Watch, had some lunch etc.

I went to pick up Matthew after his trip to the theatre, I've done a little work this evening and now I'm lying on my front having cream applied to my feet 'cos they're all gammy like. ><

Anyway people;; I shall leave you to your own devices! And leave you with the latin proverb:

"Calvo Turpius Est Nihil Comato" - There is nothing more shocking than a bald man in a wig.


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