Friday, 27 May 2011

Day 241

Well, hello there you!

I know, I know, it's been a while, and yes, you can all shout and leave abusive comments, but, I'm back.

However, with my return, marks the disappearance of all my YouTube videos! I know, please don't get TOO upset (!) - but, I do plan to make a whole new interesting series of videos with people from across the globe as well, so. Y'know. Bigger and Better things? :)

I did also get a few questions as to why they've gone and disappeared.. Well. Obviously, there were some controversial things that I said, and I suppose more karma than anything else for me, people picked  up on what I had said, and it made its way across Facebook, along with a few... derogatory comments. So, as a matter of.. well. I don't know. Trying to keep what I had left of my online presence together, I took them down. Of course, if any of you are that desperate for them, I still have the originals, but. I think I'm going to shelve them, archive them and move on.

But, this isn't my YouTube blog, this is my life blog, and that's probably what you came here to read about! And, hey. EXAMS ARE DONE MOTHERFUCKERS!!

I'm pleased. I hate exams! They finished yesterday, and yeahh. They didn't go too badly I don't think, so, all is well on that front. BUT. Hello 2 weeks off and hello nice times with people! AND. Talking of people, I suppose I have a few thank-yous to issue from the last week or so, SO. Thank You! For coming back and reading this rubbish. Thank you to all my lovely Twitter followers, for putting up with all the absolute twaddle I write on there! Thank You to everyone in school who's been fab with everything, so that's Will, Harry, Steve, Nick, Josh, Ed, Paul, Ujj, Luke, Robert, Matthew, Josh again and like. EVERYONE! There are so many people I haven't mentioned like Jesus Christ, ALL my teachers for putting up with me (and my classmates for putting up with some of my teachers...), and then everyone OUT of school too, whoever has wished me luck in these exams, so: Saskia, Sam, Robyn, Beckie, Megan, Richard, Dan, Anna, Reece, Brad, Diane, Alan, Tom, Sarah, Phoebe, the list is just ENDLESS! Thank you to ALL of them. AND! Thank You to all my YouTube subscribers and people I know from other places, so, Emay, Nat, Seb, Peter, and the rest of you, thank you for keeping me topped up with YouTube videos!

Rawr. ;D - For my Dinorawrus.

Thank you to my family for putting up with my stress moments, complaints about exams, and for feeding me and paying for me!

THANK YOU TO DANIEL AND HIS FAMILY for taking me to London to see Mamma Mia, had an unreal time, on my feet going mental singing my heart out, and don't worry Weeden family, there's a lemon meringue pie in the oven! ;D

ERM. Ooh what else. Theatre rehearsals are coming along nicely, and if anybody wants to see me talk in a faux-cockney accent, BOOK TICKETS NOW! >Link< 

*tries to remember what else has happened in the last fortnight*

OH! GaGa has released her new album, and my, what an eargasm it is! <3 I LOVE IT.

My driving test is within the coming week, so. FINGERS CROSSED FOR ME PLEASE?!

Right. That's it loyal procrastinators!

Ooh! ;)

Much love. <4

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