Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day 243

Hello there again. :)

I had a rather wonderful evening last night. Like. It was one of those evenings that just went swimmingly, and there was the right balance of conversation and taking the piss. So, thank you to all those who attended!

AS FOR TODAY! I was awake quite early for some reason, considering I had a relatively late night, but, I was up and watching Dr Who downstairs from last night, and MY OH MY. What a mindfuck that turned out to be!

Anyway, it was about then I decided it would be good fun to make a short film today :) Quite random, I know. Not the sort of idea that comes across everyone's mind. BUT. I sat down, figured out shots I needed, and along with my brother Matthew, Sophie and William in tow, we're out to film it this evening, which is really rather exciting, and you can expect to see it on YouTube fairly soon I hope :D

Congratulations to my cousin Neil and his wife Karen, who's new baby twins were introduced to the world earlier today, and my oh my, they are THE sweetest things ever. <3

I have a few plans lined up, and it's all getting rather exciting, I have to say. So, I'll leave you there, and. Check back soon :)


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