Monday, 30 May 2011

Day 244

121 Days to go until 1 year!

Sorry, just thought I'd throw that in there ;D

SO. Hello world :)

I woke up this morning quite early actually, got on with some stuff that needed doing before mum came into wake me up, to find me already woken up :3 BUT, that's not the point. :P

I did however text a few people to organise this afternoon, and after watching another episode of Downton Abbey (yes, I know...) I headed out to meet up with peeps before heading down to Dinton Pastures.

Upon arrival, of course, the rain started. Aha. But of course. BUT. With a rug, umbrella and a punnet of strawberries in tow, we had such a wonderful afternoon just gossiping and talking and having a good ol' chinwag with each other, and yes. 'Twas noms. :)

HOWEVER! I got home, and found out that Reading lost in the Championship play-off 4-2, which, is a little bit rubbish for the 'Royals' (I know, check me out, knowing all my football jargon!) but, here's to next season anyway.

Currently, my other PC is running the render of the short-film which will hopefully be on YouTube by tomorrow, if not tonight, so Y'ALL BEST KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR THAT! And of course, if you missed it, here was the second teaser trailer.. :)

I promise, I am going to get it out there as soon as I can.. but. Having a few problems with gigs of video trying to render at once. :P

ANYWAY. I'm a little worried/nervous/excited about tomorrow. But, we shall see. And yess.

RAWR. Being 'in like'. ;D

I nearly types 'ciao' as I normally do, but, as I went to do it, all I could do was remember the 'ciao Janet' from the Birdseye adverts... as you do :)

I realise that this post has been rather sporadic and random and a little bit smiley-hyper, but. I'm in a good mood, blogosphere. I'm in a good mood. :)

Evenin'All :)


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