Sunday, 26 June 2011

Day 270


It's so hot. :|

Even at 9pm, I'm just, baking. Expect Thomas casserole come 11 tonight.

It's been a day, oh hasn't it just. I was awake around 9ish, when mum came into my room and tried having a conversation with me, and needless to say, I was half asleep! Well, half is an over-estimation, I was about 5% awake. :s

Anyway, mum and dad went off to see family today, and Matthew disappeared off to see friends, so that left me and a pile of work in seemingly the HOTTEST day of the year. *wipes sweat from brow*

As well as schoolwork, I've continued writing my personal statement for university, and it's all seeming rather daunting once again, but, exciting at the same time? Though, trawling through it, I'm sure I sound like a tit. An arrogant tit at that. A tit with too much time.

Can someone explain the appeal of music festivals? Maybe it's just me, but, I don't see the point of all the hyped up commercialised festivals (Glastonbury, IoW, Reading, Leeds etc..) - Personally, I'd really rather go to a small intimate festival where I could get to know people and discover new music I like, or go and see the big-acts on tour, but, hey. Maybe that's just me? I don't see the appeal of wading through filth, just to see one act from a mile away? Oh well. :)

Anyway, stuff to do and all that, happy Sundays!


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Day 269

Evening hoebags.

I didn't get up until quarter past 12 today, nomnomnom lie-in :)

This afternoon I've done, well, very little actually. I've lazed around, put about a week's worth of music on my ipod, like, literally.

I've just finished a game of Scrabble with mother, in which I won with 269 points, so, I'm rather proud!

Apologies at how dull this post is, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow with all the work, so, have that on my mind, and plenty of other things on my mind, both good, and not so good.

Instead, a substitute for an interesting post?


Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 268

Thank heavens, it's Friday!

I have worked seemingly solidly for 5 days, missing out on sleep for this tonight and the rest tomorrow. Though of course, I can't include Sunday as this will be a frantic day of doing more work for school. But, I suppose we should be content with a 32 hour weekend?


Made me smile a moment ago, a few of my Facebook friends are 'attending' GCSE Results Day, the Facebook event, and bless them, they're all panicky with 'this'll make me or break me', 'the day I was made homeless', 'the start of the end of my life' - and I'm sitting here, like, you have NO idea. You honestly, just haven't a clue. Having started A2s, I'm just thinking, you just wait! I'd give anything to go and do my GCSEs again!

Anyway, Friday, well, history in the morning, looking at Mazzini and the ideas behind the Italian revolution, maths, I'm not really sure what we were meant to do, but, I ended up doing some statistics work! Then had a double free, and of course, that meant lotsa piano and card-playing, because I clearly have that time to spare...

Anyway, I'm off out this evening, how exciting! Well, I'm looking forward to it, though the weather is beginning to look quite depressing, in that, as soon as I wrote that, the rain started D:

Right, I'm gonna go get ready and stuff, and I'll leave you all to your wonderful Friday lives!


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 267

OH goodness.

School Day = Long.

Very Long.


Met Anthony FOR THE FIRST TIME, and, I think pretty much clicked instantly, well, I thought so, he's secretly lovely ;D And I saw Harry and Angela and Jess and Sarah and Phoebe and Sarah and Harrison and Lori and Steve and Stuart and all the other people who's name escape me, but, 'TWAS LOVELY. Phoebe and I serenaded.

Though of course, the one annoying thing about doing this on a Thursday was that I totally forgot I have frickin' school tomorrow, which, I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to, IN the slightest.  BUT hey. Friday evening should be better? :4

On that note, I am going to crash in bed with my ipod, and just CHILL, because I am like. rararararararar.


Sleep Tight.


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 266

The Day of Wednes.

Evening everyone, I know that a lot of people will probably be watching The Apprentice at the moment, and after writing this, I need to write my English essay, THEN catchup on Waterloo Road THEN The Apprentice! AAH!

School's a bitch. I know it sounds stupid, but, I MISS MY AS LEVELS! Fuck A2, that's for sure. I'm struggling with the workload already, so, aurghh. It's not easy. All those who complain about GCSEs, you honestly, just, don't have a CLUE! And I know that people in university will come back and say: Ohh well it only gets harder but, rawr. I'm not there yet!

I'M ADDICTED TO ONE SONG RIGHT NOW. Time Machine by Robyn. Literally, going round and round in my head, and, I really like it! YOUTUBE LINK.

Ah the irony, time. :)

I hate people who are constantly indirect and ambiguous. People who talk in riddles piss me off, and like. I've such a mind to shout: CONVERSE at them. I know this is quite hypocritical, and I know I do it every now and then, but, I'm talking to the people who literally do nothing BUT talk in riddles. These people annoy me. 

Y'know who else annoy me? Children. I got run over by a scooter earlier (scooted over?) by this kid and THEN, THENNNN, the mother moaned at ME FOR NOT WATCHING OUT. 

I understand your precious little kids need THE ENTIRE FUCKING WIDTH OF THE FUCKING PAVEMENT, but, do the rest of us a fucking favour AND KEEP THEM THE FUCK UNDER CONTROL. erthnwuiehgvoiehrgowivehfgnoiwefg.

It's not so much the kids that scoot into me I hate, it IS the parents. Who are just so complacent and crappy. Merughhh. Control your offspring, if you don't, then I will not be held responsible for my actions. And that's sounds a bit rapey, I'm not a paedophile. 


Train commuters, can be the most fucking stupid people ON planet Earth, and I say that being one myself. I was on the train this morning, and, it was pretty packed, but, of course, instead of moving along the carriage, these STUPID people just stood there so it took a HERCULEAN effort just to get on the fucking train. And, then, THEN, when we're all on, some guy tries to get on, which normally would be ok, except he had a FUCKING BIKE. WHAT?! I KNOW. A BIKE. IN A CARRIAGE WHERE YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO STAND CONSCIOUSLY BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE AROUND YOU, YOU CAN JUST BE HELD UP!

And, y'know what gets me the most, I have to pay £2.40 for the privilege. 




Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 265

So, here we are! The last stretch! 100 Days to go until we reach the year!
So, by my calculations, Day 365 will be on 29th September 2011, which is, quite close actually!

What then though? Who knows, I don't. I'm sure I might be so bogged down with school work before then that I won't have any spare time to do anything really!

But, nonetheless, that's then and this is now, and today is the 21st of June, which means, it's both the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year today, so, there you are. Nice bit of random trivia.

Today's shoutout goes to Kyle, because he wanted to be on the list, but, instead he gets this post all to himself, so there you are Kyle, hope you're pleased. :p

I had a dream last night that Reece and I were making a documentary on the plight of Russian miners. Well, it was that and some other random bits about me going mad at JK Rowling for some reason or another and a world of underground tunnels with the ghosts of those who had lived in poverty still living there. It was an odd bunch of dreams, but, a memorable one nonetheless.

I've started writing this blog early, and I know that I'm out tonight, but, I figured it I wrote it early, then I might be able to write a decent post, clearly that's failed! So, Matthew came into my room and said: "I want to be mentioned, bitch" - so, here you are Matthew. Well, I say he came into my room, he did. In an all-in-one and started miming the words of the song that I'm listening to.

Not that this post has been very interesting for people to read. So, apologies.

I'm really into this song at the moment, take a listen?


Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 264

We just got past 23000 views. Wow! ThankYou guys.<3

ERM. Today, then, eh? Typical Monday tbh, and it rained, and yeah. Could've been better, could've been worse. I'm off out this evening, I know, again, so, will keep this short.

Facebook. Most of my traffic from this blog comes from Facebook, but it seems more and more that I don't actually use Facebook anywhere near as much as I used to! Admittedly, I was one of the most annoying Facebook users, like, posting EVERYTHING about my life (whereas now of course, I do that on Twitter..) - but, like, I dunno, maybe it's just me, but Facebook is beginning to lose its appeal? It's good to like, be able to contact people you know, but, it's just lost the originality it used to have.

Nowadays, I go onto Facebook and all I end up reading is other people's horoscopes or some unoriginal vulgar frape, and I just think, wow guys, are we done with this yet? Apparently not. Sometimes it's nice to see what people have been upto, and I definitely still share photos and use the 'events' on Facebook, but that's about it. I see no real kinda. Niche any more? It seems it's just a bit of a fad!

Anyway, who knows, not I. I'm kinda looking forward to the week ahead, Thursday and Friday should be good, the production I'm in have now moved into the theatre, (well, from tonight anyway..) - which is exciting, and yes. I could REALLY do with some summer though. Y'know, like, the sun kind. It's so fucking miserable at the moment. You look out the window (which is shut, with my light on) - and it's the 20th June, and absolutely tipping it down with rain, and this was meant to be the drought-ridden warm, long and dry summer. Yeah, course. Whatever. (Y)

I will start ranting if I keep this up, so I shan't, but instead, will share with you Harry's scrawling on my English work!

Silly boy.


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 263

Happy Sunday all you life-goers!

Happy Father's Day also to my rather wonderful father. :)

Just before I begin, this is for a special Twitter person...

So there you go ;D

I tell you what, over 200 of you came to read my thank you note yesterday, and, the fact that so many of you take an interest in who I am and, how I live, really does mean a lot.

I had a lovely day today.. woke up a little, worse for wear, but nonetheless spent the day with good people, making good conversation, and, had a lovely day!

Though of course, I come to understand that really, though this might appear hypocritical, along with  lime marmalade, cheese sandwiches and the feeling of sand between your toes, honesty is underrated. And I don't mean a false sense of honesty, not the half-truths, but genuine heart-felt truth, it's nice, it really is.

And, even though it can tug at your heartstrings, it just makes what you take for granted that little more special, that little more exciting, and something that you can appreciate so much more, and, really, we should be thankful for that, I know I try to be. To invoke more cliché, even when it seems the storm is battering us, the sun'll come out eventually. It always does. :)

Of course, until it does, you just have to make the best use of all that's around you, and all those people who are around you too.


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 261

I wrote a post last night, and, I didn't feel too great at the time, but, I think I'll still share with you what I wrote before deleting it.


"Self-pity is a shameful thing.

Indeed, as are many other thoughts and feelings that one imposes on oneself. And yet, it becomes almost indulgent to actually stop and reflect, not on just WHO you are, but, what you are, and how you live.

So, please indulge me. Read on.

Me. Who I am. Thomas William Joy, 17 years old. Son, Brother, Cousin, Ex, Nephew, Friend. I'm not the most popular kid, another way in which my brother and I differ. It's very rare am I invited anywhere, despite the people who claim they love spending time with me. Those who DO want to spend time with me have casually drifted away, leaving me with even fewer people who genuinely want to. Of course, do I blame them? No, I don't.

I shan't pretend I'm the most interesting person in the world. I know too much about subjects that don't even matter, I talk too much and I look like a bit of a prat in the process. I always try and be nice to people, but, I admit, it has a habit of failing and/or backfiring. I'm horribly arrogant too, something I wish I wasn't.

I'm not the thinnest, most toned guy. Nor do I pretend to be! I hate compliments. I don't know how to accept a compliment, or even just deal with the fact that someone's saying something nice about me, because I often can't find a nice thing to say about myself worth saying. Understand now of course, I'm not looking for sympathy! Simply, writing down what I'm thinking.

And I do a lot of that, thinking. I often can't help myself, I'll plug in my iPod and rather drift from one thought to the next without really realising it. I said last year that my worst fear was losing all those people who were close to me and not having the friendships I did. I feel like that's come true somewhat. I understand that people don't necessarily want to talk to me all the time, despite my attempts at prompting conversation, but, I also feel bad when I don't want to talk to people in general because I just don't feel like chatting.

I think, I have a fear of the future. Not of change, but, the futures. And I don't know why. I like the changing of things I know, I don't want to have to face radical change. I've seen too much change for me to like the idea. Sometimes, I think it would be nice if people would sit down and try and understand where I'm coming from,  I don't want people to agree or disagree with what I say, just understand.

I wish people wouldn't let me down. I'm not expecting perfection from everyone, nor would I hope people expect perfection from me, but, it would be nice if people stuck to their word. It means a lot to me. And speaking of words, I can take a joke I guess. As much as anyone, but the constant jibes, they get a bit much sometimes.

A lot of the time, especially after what somebody said yesterday, I feel like an outcast. I'm made to feel different, like, I'm outside the majority, and, I'm ok with that. I know I've never really fitted in per se. However, sometimes, I wonder what it's like to actually, fit in. To go unnoticed, would be nice, or, to go noticed for the right reasons. What ARE the right reasons? I dunno. But. Oh who knows.

As some of you will know, I apologise a lot. And, ironically, I must apologise for such a dreary post. It's terrible self-centred, terribly vain, terribly arrogant, and what's more, I expect people to read it. I must be deranged, I'm sure.

So, that's me. Thomas Joy. I'll grow out of this phase of self-loathing I hope.

But until that day, I'll remain your frightfully unhumble blogger."


I know that seems over the top and dramatic, but, that is honestly, just, how I feel sometimes. 

Let's just be glad it's Friday, and, I'm looking forward to the weekend a great deal.


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 260

*blows out 9 candles*


This has to be a quick one because I'm going out a little earlier this evening.

Welcome Home :4 <3

I got mocked for my political opinion in English today, that was nice.

Spent lots of time reading up about 19th centuary Russia..


I really want to write a decent post tonight :/

Looking forward to the weekend, just like Rebecca Black I suppose :/

130 of you came to read about perverts last night. Honestly.


Ermm. okkk just quickly..

No wait, what was it?!


Tomorrow's post WILL be better, I promise!

Have another cartoon? :s


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 259

You lot are a filthy bunch! Nearly 120 of you came to read about men weeing. Heavens sake. Perverts.

Maybe I'll attract some more attention by adding perverts into the Facebook/Twitter links today! Who knows!

I've had a lovely day out today at Royal Holloway, which, is, just. GORGEOUS! Taz was right, it looks like Hogwarts, and, gosh, it is lovely! :)

Other than the imposing Victorian architecture *ahem* mum and I had a really nice look round and a really informative, if not daunting day. I must admit, being told all about universities is a bit scary, thinking that in less that in less than 18 months, I'll be there, at university, whichever one it is.. so. Yeah. nerve-racking.!

What else has happened today? I'm still waiting on the courier with my package, and I'm hoping he may come before I go out tonight to the theatre. There are only a few more nights left of the run of 'Ladies Day' and after than, we're onto OUR play, which you can of course still book tickets for ;D

ERM. What else. Oh yes, I've put together a sort of preliminary album type thing, because, I can reveal to you all, I've been approached by an independent record label to have my music sold to production companies for TV/Films/Radio productions. I'm so excited, and, I want to thank you for all your support! I'll let you know as and when I hear anything more, but, yes, I'm still to formally sign the contract, but, either way, this is WAY beyond what I thought I'd ever be doing!

Of course, you can take a gander at the album cover if you fancy?

Isn't that exciting!

Anyway, thank you all, and I'll let you all get back to your evenings!

Todayyyyyy! :4 *rawr*


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day 258

Clearly, a lot of you like reading about boobs. Over a hundred of you came to read last night!


On the shit scale, which ranges from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' to 'Gastroenteritis' - it was pretty much up there with having shit flung at you by a deformed monkey.

I'm also developing a penchant for The Beatles.. which, I'm not thrilled with.!

ALSO. I'm developing a penchant for the word 'penchant' because I think it's rather awesome..!

That, and I wobble my head when I say it... only if I'm not with anyone, I don't do it in day-to-day conversation, but then again, I don't think I say 'penchant' in day to day conversation.

INSTEAD. I will leave you with a cartoon... Ooh, and. Happy Birthday Fiona <3 :D

The Pros and Cons of Men Peeing Sitting Down

Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 257

Well, I wanted to see if we could get over 22,000 views last night, and we did.. in fact, as it stands, there are 22,065 views at the time of writing, so well done you! Pat yourself on the back.

ok, thats enough.

It's a Monday!

I presumed you knew this, and indeed, this meant going back to school to start my A2s, which, I must admit, was all a little daunting. I mean, there we are being told about our last year in school, ever. It was a little.. final, if you see what I mean! This is it, university is next.. just a little daunting. Maybe it was just me who felt that.. who knows.

Either way, English was first with MrBeavis where we started looking at one of the novels we're studying and an introduction to the course, etc. Then had history where we had the course/coursework explained to us, and THAT was slightly worrying, just being told how much we're expected to do. :s Oh wait, I had maths period 2 and History period 3... oh well, maths, we looked at the introduction to the statistics course we're doing. Such fun.. hopefully though, I'll be dropping maths this year! And then finally, Law before coming home, just, again, a look at what's to come.

And accomopanying that, seeing all the people at school again and the classic schoolboy graffiti was on display once again on the English board:

It's terrible though, instead of laughing at it or anything, I wanted to correct it. There should be a comma after nice, 'r' should be spelt 'are', and contrary to popular belief, they are correct in not putting an ''' in yours.

I know. I'm a loser.


And, I'm scared about tomorrow. SO nervous, but, gahh I hope it goes better this time!

2 Days :4


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Day 256

So, can we meet the 22,000 mark tonight?! Maybe. Who knows.
Hello there!

Sorry about last night everyone.. was seemingly shattered, and yet still didn't get to sleep until about, oh. 1:30? Which isn't like, dramatically late, but, oh well, eh?

So, today has been quite relaxed, I prepared a load of school stuff for tomorrow, by which I mean I emptied 5 folders and 8 notebooks worth of work and packed it all away because, hoorah, we start A2s tomorrow. In a way, I'm looking forward to it.. and, I really hope I can stay on top of work this year! Who knows though, let's wait and see.

Sorry, I'm a bit drifting, watching Prime Minister's Questions from last Wednesday! I definitely hate Ed Milliband. And people are right.. he DOES look like Wallace.

Having watched the news last night.. I have a continued hatred of feminists. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for equal rights, but that's it. Equality. I don't believe that these women should be allowed to speak openly in the media about their hatred of men, it's politically incorrect, it's insensitive and what's MORE, it's hypocritical.

Some feminists.. *cough* Loose Women *cough* spend their time openly attacking men for one reason or another, and sometimes the argument is that men are sexist. Surely, an attack on men simply for being men is JUST as bad? And then the argument of: Oh well, in the past, men were unfair to women bla bla, and women would like to see that reversed, rather than equality. Just quickly, I think it's idiocy on behalf of the controllers of the media when they don't allow men that equal right to speak out against women, arguing it would be seen as sexist. Pah. *grumble grumble*

There was a feminist on Sky News saying that Kate Middleton shouldn't be a role model, she said that girls shouldn't 'wait around for years waiting for their Prince, they should make their own lives' - indeed, this women went on to suggest that Katie Price was a better role model for girls because she was a strong, independent minded and successful women.


I'd argue this point. That point being Katie Price isn't a woman. I think 'dog' is more suitable.

I don't like her either.

Anyway. Odd post tonight, must apologise! :s

3 Days :4


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 255

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but. 197 Days until Christmas!

Which means it's only 188 Days until I'm 18! :D

Evenin' everyone.

I learnt something new today! Albeit, it was how to make rice milk. It's a long, complicated process and really rather dull, and it's hardly milk.. but. I learnt that.

I'm rather excited about tomorrow.. hopefully meeting Dan to go and see a pre-screening of 'Life in a Day' in Reading, which should be awesome-sauce-um.

I don't really feel like a large blog post tonight.. it all seems a little too much hassle to write tonight. I just Tweeted my 1400th tweet, hoorah.

I need something to happen.. I feel a little like. Void-like. Life's just been ticking over these last few days. I could do with this next week getting out the way, and returning to a bit of. Stuff. Y'know?

The moon looks nice tonight.

Oh. My new short film-attempt is in the pipeline, and you can even watch the trailer below.

No really, it's not that exciting, but, it's something for you die-hard Thomas Joy fans to look forward to. 

I know, the enthusiasm in this post is overwhelming. I'm rather tired.. SOMEONE WOKE ME UP AT HALF ONE IN THE MORNING WITH A TEXT. But I forgive them.<3

Oh well. Ta'ra internet.

4 Days :4


Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 254

So, I'm sitting here, thinking what I can actually write.. but. I'll be honest. I'm not too sure.

Last night, I was criticised for expressing my opinion... and once again, I would like to deeply apologise for doing so. On my own blog. In my own way. Y'know. Because I'm clearly not allowed to do this.

Anyway. What about today. Well, I'll be honest, I didn't get up very early. Well, only just before 12. Anyway, I did get up eventually, and then mother, Nan and I decided to head off to the pub for a pub lunch, which was epic noms. It was lovely. Cajun chicken burger, chips and then a treacle pudding. Argh. Was very nice :)

As for this afternoon, well. Very little! I wish I had something a little more to write, but, I really don't. I played a lot of piano this afternoon, did a bit of reading. Y'know. Rather casual. :D

Obviously, I would offer my opinion, but, that's not allowed any more. So. That's a little awkward.

[Awkward Silence]







Obviously, that's only if you want an opinion.

Not that you'd read my blog for my opinion anyway! Gosh! No no. Heaven forbid.

5 Days. :4


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 253

Just before I begin, I'd like to notify you all quickly this is more of a bitch about the hardcore Beliebers, and my confusion as to the hype around Justin Bieber. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Adam Curry publicly, for expressing the forthcoming opinion in a 'dumb-as-fuck' way. I hope you'll understand. :)

Hello interwebs :)

Just in advance, if you're reading this on your mobile, welcome to the new layout, and if you're not and you want to know what it looks like, go ahead! (Link)

It's 12:30 at the moment, tipping down with rain, quite cold as well. I'm really tired.. again, and so what better time to introduce you to new blogs that are appearing? :)

First off, James is beginning a new technology-y blog which can be found here:
Now, I know, that is one hell of a cool name. And I would know. I came up with the name ;D
Aha, no, but, James is one of my online friends and knows his stuff. Like. Lots. Especially when it comes to Apple. SO. Yeah. You can also go follow him on Twitter: @JamesDarvall

Secondly, the new blog project from my BESTEST INTERNATIONAL FRIEND EVER(!!), Nat. Now, other than being the most epic person ever, she's been such a good friend to me, and I now recommend you go read her blog, which she's started today, I do believe:
She's also poking me on msn because I told her stuff going on with France and such. And like. Rawr. We wil have epic hugs when she comes over to visit in August :D

As well as those, there are a few blogs of note that keep posting day after day, and most important of those would be Will Davison's blog (, Eleanor's blog ( and Holly's blog too (

If anyone else is writing a blog worth reading, lemme know and I'll give you a shoutout and give you a mention :P


I understand that these opinions are becoming quite heated and everything, and I go off on a rant, and you probably it there like: dude. stfu. BUT. So long as people continue to read my blog, I shall continue to write it :)

Justin Bieber: 'I want my privacy'

Now, as you probably know by now, I don't like Justin Bieber as it is. I think he's a tosser. But. The kid wanted fame, and he got it. Now though, he's saying he wants a bit of life away from the press, but, hey, y'know. It's al part of the job. So, after his little romp with the ever-cringe that is Selena Gomez, his fans, aka, The Beliebers, went mental at him, saying he didn't love them or respect them, and a few even sent death threats to Selena Gomez. I appreciate that fans love their musicians, heck, I'm a total whore for Lady GaGa, but, really? Death threats?!

Anyway, so Justin Bieber went to Twitter and tweeted:
"That doesnt mean I dont love and appreciate my fans. we r a family 2. that isnt gonna change. i see all the comments. Im here. still justin. Grandpa, grandma, jazzy, jaxo, @lordbieber and all my family in stratford i love you. #proudcanadian #rememberwhereyoucamefrom #home."
As if this wasn't enough to make you throw up in sheer cheesiness, he said in an interview: "And don't come up to me while I'm eating. How would you like it if I came into your house and started taking pictures of you while you were eating? I hate that." - Someone, tell me if you can, does he now have the right to tell his own fans what to do?! It would appear someone has got a little ahead of himself in fame...

What continues to astound me though, is the fact he keeps winning awards. His film 'Never Say Never' (yes, the film that was made about his life despite the fact he's only 17...) won the MTV Movie Award for 'Most Jaw-Dropping Moment'. Now I confess, I haven't seen the film, nor do I want to, however, what can REALLY be that jaw-dropping in this film?! I mean, other than the fact they made the film at all, I found that jaw dropping. Actually, what I found MORE jaw dropping, is that people went to see it. I dunno. Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, that brings me onto my next question, and this is really just a trivial point.. I can name, ooh. Two songs of his? So, I Wikipedia-d it. And. Let's have a look at his single positions.

  • One Time - Highest Chart position: #6, in New Zealand. Peaked at #11 in the UK, #17 in the USA, #23 in Australia, and on, only at #66 in Switzerland. So, not great. 
  • One Less Lonely Girl - Highest Chart position: #10 in Canada. Peaked at #62 in the UK, #16 in the USA and #68 in Australia. 
  • Baby -  Highest Chart position: #1 in France. Peaked at #3 in the UK, #5 in the USA and #3 in Canada and Australia
  • Somebody to Love - Highest Chart position: #10 in Canada. Peaked at #33 in the UK, #15 in the USA and #20 in Australia
  • U Smile - Highest chart position: #17 in Canada, Peaked at #98 in the UK, #27 in the USA and it didn't get in the charts in any other country.
  • Pray - Highest Chart position: #51 in Germany. It didn't enter the UK charts, came #61 in the USA and #63 in Austria. Didn't get in the charts in any other country. 
  • Never Say Never - Highest Chart position: #8 in the USA, Peaked at #34 in the UK, #17 in Australia and #93 in France.
So, erm heyho. That's as far as successful as his music.. hardly chart-topping. As well as being bad.

Now, what awards has this egotistic knob won? Well.. look what our world of easily impressed idiots in the industry have awarded him, and the one's he's been nominated for (from Wikipedia): 

YearNominated workEventAwardResult
2010HimselfAmerican Music Awards[101]Artist of the YearWon
Favorite Pop/Rock Male ArtistWon
T-Mobile Breakthrough ArtistWon
My World 2.0Favorite Pop/Rock AlbumWon
HimselfBET Awards[102]Best New ArtistNominated
My World 2.0Juno Awards[103]Album of the YearNominated
Pop Album of the YearNominated
HimselfNew Artist of the YearNominated
Meus Prêmios Nick Awards[104]Favorite International ArtistWon
MTV Brazil Music Awards[105]International ArtistWon
MTV Europe Music Awards[106]Best New ActNominated
Best MaleWon
Best Push ActWon
MTV Video Music Awards[107]Best New ArtistWon
Much Music Video Awards[108]UR FAVE: New ArtistWon
"Baby"UR FAVE: Canadian VideoWon
International Video of the Year by a CanadianWon
"One Time"Nominated
Myx Music Awards[109]Favorite International VideoWon
HimselfTeen Choice Awards[110]Choice Music: Male ArtistWon
Choice Music: Breakout Artist MaleWon
Choice Summer Music Star: MaleWon
Choice Fanatic FansNominated
My World 2.0Choice Music: Pop AlbumWon
HimselfTRL Awards[111]Best International ActWon
World Music Awards[112]Best Pop ActNominated
Best New ArtistNominated
Young Hollywood Awards[113]Newcomer of the YearWon
2011HimselfBrit Awards[114]International Breakthrough ArtistWon
Grammy Awards[115]Best New ArtistNominated
My World 2.0Best Pop Vocal AlbumNominated
HimselfJuno Awards[116][117]Artist of the YearNominated
Fan Choice AwardWon
My World 2.0Album of the YearNominated
Pop Album of the YearWon
HimselfPeople's Choice Awards[118]Favorite Breakout ArtistNominated
"Baby"Favorite Music VideoNominated
HimselfNickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards[119]Favorite Male SingerWon
"Baby"Favorite SongWon
HimselfNME Awards[120]Villain Of The YearNominated
Least StylishWon
My WorldWorst AlbumWon
HimselfBillboard Music Awards[121]Top ArtistNominated
Top New ArtistWon
Top Social ArtistWon
Top Billboard 200 ArtistNominated
Top Streaming ArtistWon
Top Digital Media ArtistWon
Top Male ArtistNominated
Top Pop ArtistNominated
My World 2.0Top Billboard 200 AlbumNominated
Top Pop AlbumWon
"Baby"Top Streaming Song (Video)Won
"That Should Be Me"CMT Music Awards[122]Collaborative Video of the YearWon
"Justin Bieber:Never Say Never"MTV Movie Awards[123]Best Jaw Dropping Moment WinnerWon

That's a lot of awards.

For not a lot.

Other than being chased by screaming morons .

Anyway. I guess I should probably stop now before getting carried away.. :s

I hate Justin Bieber. And proud to say it.

Though of course, some people do. Let's have a look at some of the latest Tweets:

  • My blood is purple, I talk Bieberish, I live in the U.S.B [United States of Bieber] and the President is Justin Bieber. ima Belieber. ♥
  • One day I will meet Justin Bieber & he will say he loves me too. ~
  • Justin Bieber will be by your side, all you gotta do is use his perfume & he will show up in your room.
  • Justin Bieber, thanks for writing songs about exactly what girls want to hear <3
  • Tuesday, March 1, 1994 12:56 AM at St. Judes Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada: Justin Drew Bieber was born, also known as...our hero.♥
  • Can't live can't breathe without Justin Bieber.
  • Justin Bieber: the boy who will never know my name, or will never meet me. the boy who's changed my life and made me believe in myself. ♥
  • When Justin Bieber smiles, the whole world smiles back at him.
  • All I need is for Justin Bieber to get on a plane, fly over to New Zealand, accidently bump into me in the street then BAM dream come true.
  • When life gives you lemons; throw them back and demand Justin Bieber.
  • I cannot go 2 seconds without thinking about Justin Bieber. I tend to link him into every thought & conversation I have.
  • Justin Bieber. he is more than a famous person. he is my hero. he is my inspiration. he is my role model. and I love him no matter what ♥
  • I was so excited from Justin Bieber following me last night that I went to bed at 4 a.m. and woke up at 8 a.m. I got 4 hours of sleep. =/
So. After that, I feel ill, and I think I need to go and have a drink of water to settle my stomach.

Anyway. Have a nice day! 

6 Days :4