Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 254

So, I'm sitting here, thinking what I can actually write.. but. I'll be honest. I'm not too sure.

Last night, I was criticised for expressing my opinion... and once again, I would like to deeply apologise for doing so. On my own blog. In my own way. Y'know. Because I'm clearly not allowed to do this.

Anyway. What about today. Well, I'll be honest, I didn't get up very early. Well, only just before 12. Anyway, I did get up eventually, and then mother, Nan and I decided to head off to the pub for a pub lunch, which was epic noms. It was lovely. Cajun chicken burger, chips and then a treacle pudding. Argh. Was very nice :)

As for this afternoon, well. Very little! I wish I had something a little more to write, but, I really don't. I played a lot of piano this afternoon, did a bit of reading. Y'know. Rather casual. :D

Obviously, I would offer my opinion, but, that's not allowed any more. So. That's a little awkward.

[Awkward Silence]







Obviously, that's only if you want an opinion.

Not that you'd read my blog for my opinion anyway! Gosh! No no. Heaven forbid.

5 Days. :4


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