Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 255

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but. 197 Days until Christmas!

Which means it's only 188 Days until I'm 18! :D

Evenin' everyone.

I learnt something new today! Albeit, it was how to make rice milk. It's a long, complicated process and really rather dull, and it's hardly milk.. but. I learnt that.

I'm rather excited about tomorrow.. hopefully meeting Dan to go and see a pre-screening of 'Life in a Day' in Reading, which should be awesome-sauce-um.

I don't really feel like a large blog post tonight.. it all seems a little too much hassle to write tonight. I just Tweeted my 1400th tweet, hoorah.

I need something to happen.. I feel a little like. Void-like. Life's just been ticking over these last few days. I could do with this next week getting out the way, and returning to a bit of. Stuff. Y'know?

The moon looks nice tonight.

Oh. My new short film-attempt is in the pipeline, and you can even watch the trailer below.

No really, it's not that exciting, but, it's something for you die-hard Thomas Joy fans to look forward to. 

I know, the enthusiasm in this post is overwhelming. I'm rather tired.. SOMEONE WOKE ME UP AT HALF ONE IN THE MORNING WITH A TEXT. But I forgive them.<3

Oh well. Ta'ra internet.

4 Days :4


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