Sunday, 12 June 2011

Day 256

So, can we meet the 22,000 mark tonight?! Maybe. Who knows.
Hello there!

Sorry about last night everyone.. was seemingly shattered, and yet still didn't get to sleep until about, oh. 1:30? Which isn't like, dramatically late, but, oh well, eh?

So, today has been quite relaxed, I prepared a load of school stuff for tomorrow, by which I mean I emptied 5 folders and 8 notebooks worth of work and packed it all away because, hoorah, we start A2s tomorrow. In a way, I'm looking forward to it.. and, I really hope I can stay on top of work this year! Who knows though, let's wait and see.

Sorry, I'm a bit drifting, watching Prime Minister's Questions from last Wednesday! I definitely hate Ed Milliband. And people are right.. he DOES look like Wallace.

Having watched the news last night.. I have a continued hatred of feminists. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for equal rights, but that's it. Equality. I don't believe that these women should be allowed to speak openly in the media about their hatred of men, it's politically incorrect, it's insensitive and what's MORE, it's hypocritical.

Some feminists.. *cough* Loose Women *cough* spend their time openly attacking men for one reason or another, and sometimes the argument is that men are sexist. Surely, an attack on men simply for being men is JUST as bad? And then the argument of: Oh well, in the past, men were unfair to women bla bla, and women would like to see that reversed, rather than equality. Just quickly, I think it's idiocy on behalf of the controllers of the media when they don't allow men that equal right to speak out against women, arguing it would be seen as sexist. Pah. *grumble grumble*

There was a feminist on Sky News saying that Kate Middleton shouldn't be a role model, she said that girls shouldn't 'wait around for years waiting for their Prince, they should make their own lives' - indeed, this women went on to suggest that Katie Price was a better role model for girls because she was a strong, independent minded and successful women.


I'd argue this point. That point being Katie Price isn't a woman. I think 'dog' is more suitable.

I don't like her either.

Anyway. Odd post tonight, must apologise! :s

3 Days :4


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