Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 257

Well, I wanted to see if we could get over 22,000 views last night, and we did.. in fact, as it stands, there are 22,065 views at the time of writing, so well done you! Pat yourself on the back.

ok, thats enough.

It's a Monday!

I presumed you knew this, and indeed, this meant going back to school to start my A2s, which, I must admit, was all a little daunting. I mean, there we are being told about our last year in school, ever. It was a little.. final, if you see what I mean! This is it, university is next.. just a little daunting. Maybe it was just me who felt that.. who knows.

Either way, English was first with MrBeavis where we started looking at one of the novels we're studying and an introduction to the course, etc. Then had history where we had the course/coursework explained to us, and THAT was slightly worrying, just being told how much we're expected to do. :s Oh wait, I had maths period 2 and History period 3... oh well, maths, we looked at the introduction to the statistics course we're doing. Such fun.. hopefully though, I'll be dropping maths this year! And then finally, Law before coming home, just, again, a look at what's to come.

And accomopanying that, seeing all the people at school again and the classic schoolboy graffiti was on display once again on the English board:

It's terrible though, instead of laughing at it or anything, I wanted to correct it. There should be a comma after nice, 'r' should be spelt 'are', and contrary to popular belief, they are correct in not putting an ''' in yours.

I know. I'm a loser.


And, I'm scared about tomorrow. SO nervous, but, gahh I hope it goes better this time!

2 Days :4


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