Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 259

You lot are a filthy bunch! Nearly 120 of you came to read about men weeing. Heavens sake. Perverts.

Maybe I'll attract some more attention by adding perverts into the Facebook/Twitter links today! Who knows!

I've had a lovely day out today at Royal Holloway, which, is, just. GORGEOUS! Taz was right, it looks like Hogwarts, and, gosh, it is lovely! :)

Other than the imposing Victorian architecture *ahem* mum and I had a really nice look round and a really informative, if not daunting day. I must admit, being told all about universities is a bit scary, thinking that in less that in less than 18 months, I'll be there, at university, whichever one it is.. so. Yeah. nerve-racking.!

What else has happened today? I'm still waiting on the courier with my package, and I'm hoping he may come before I go out tonight to the theatre. There are only a few more nights left of the run of 'Ladies Day' and after than, we're onto OUR play, which you can of course still book tickets for ;D

ERM. What else. Oh yes, I've put together a sort of preliminary album type thing, because, I can reveal to you all, I've been approached by an independent record label to have my music sold to production companies for TV/Films/Radio productions. I'm so excited, and, I want to thank you for all your support! I'll let you know as and when I hear anything more, but, yes, I'm still to formally sign the contract, but, either way, this is WAY beyond what I thought I'd ever be doing!

Of course, you can take a gander at the album cover if you fancy?

Isn't that exciting!

Anyway, thank you all, and I'll let you all get back to your evenings!

Todayyyyyy! :4 *rawr*


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