Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 263

Happy Sunday all you life-goers!

Happy Father's Day also to my rather wonderful father. :)

Just before I begin, this is for a special Twitter person...

So there you go ;D

I tell you what, over 200 of you came to read my thank you note yesterday, and, the fact that so many of you take an interest in who I am and, how I live, really does mean a lot.

I had a lovely day today.. woke up a little, worse for wear, but nonetheless spent the day with good people, making good conversation, and, had a lovely day!

Though of course, I come to understand that really, though this might appear hypocritical, along with  lime marmalade, cheese sandwiches and the feeling of sand between your toes, honesty is underrated. And I don't mean a false sense of honesty, not the half-truths, but genuine heart-felt truth, it's nice, it really is.

And, even though it can tug at your heartstrings, it just makes what you take for granted that little more special, that little more exciting, and something that you can appreciate so much more, and, really, we should be thankful for that, I know I try to be. To invoke more cliché, even when it seems the storm is battering us, the sun'll come out eventually. It always does. :)

Of course, until it does, you just have to make the best use of all that's around you, and all those people who are around you too.


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