Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 264

We just got past 23000 views. Wow! ThankYou guys.<3

ERM. Today, then, eh? Typical Monday tbh, and it rained, and yeah. Could've been better, could've been worse. I'm off out this evening, I know, again, so, will keep this short.

Facebook. Most of my traffic from this blog comes from Facebook, but it seems more and more that I don't actually use Facebook anywhere near as much as I used to! Admittedly, I was one of the most annoying Facebook users, like, posting EVERYTHING about my life (whereas now of course, I do that on Twitter..) - but, like, I dunno, maybe it's just me, but Facebook is beginning to lose its appeal? It's good to like, be able to contact people you know, but, it's just lost the originality it used to have.

Nowadays, I go onto Facebook and all I end up reading is other people's horoscopes or some unoriginal vulgar frape, and I just think, wow guys, are we done with this yet? Apparently not. Sometimes it's nice to see what people have been upto, and I definitely still share photos and use the 'events' on Facebook, but that's about it. I see no real kinda. Niche any more? It seems it's just a bit of a fad!

Anyway, who knows, not I. I'm kinda looking forward to the week ahead, Thursday and Friday should be good, the production I'm in have now moved into the theatre, (well, from tonight anyway..) - which is exciting, and yes. I could REALLY do with some summer though. Y'know, like, the sun kind. It's so fucking miserable at the moment. You look out the window (which is shut, with my light on) - and it's the 20th June, and absolutely tipping it down with rain, and this was meant to be the drought-ridden warm, long and dry summer. Yeah, course. Whatever. (Y)

I will start ranting if I keep this up, so I shan't, but instead, will share with you Harry's scrawling on my English work!

Silly boy.


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