Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 266

The Day of Wednes.

Evening everyone, I know that a lot of people will probably be watching The Apprentice at the moment, and after writing this, I need to write my English essay, THEN catchup on Waterloo Road THEN The Apprentice! AAH!

School's a bitch. I know it sounds stupid, but, I MISS MY AS LEVELS! Fuck A2, that's for sure. I'm struggling with the workload already, so, aurghh. It's not easy. All those who complain about GCSEs, you honestly, just, don't have a CLUE! And I know that people in university will come back and say: Ohh well it only gets harder but, rawr. I'm not there yet!

I'M ADDICTED TO ONE SONG RIGHT NOW. Time Machine by Robyn. Literally, going round and round in my head, and, I really like it! YOUTUBE LINK.

Ah the irony, time. :)

I hate people who are constantly indirect and ambiguous. People who talk in riddles piss me off, and like. I've such a mind to shout: CONVERSE at them. I know this is quite hypocritical, and I know I do it every now and then, but, I'm talking to the people who literally do nothing BUT talk in riddles. These people annoy me. 

Y'know who else annoy me? Children. I got run over by a scooter earlier (scooted over?) by this kid and THEN, THENNNN, the mother moaned at ME FOR NOT WATCHING OUT. 

I understand your precious little kids need THE ENTIRE FUCKING WIDTH OF THE FUCKING PAVEMENT, but, do the rest of us a fucking favour AND KEEP THEM THE FUCK UNDER CONTROL. erthnwuiehgvoiehrgowivehfgnoiwefg.

It's not so much the kids that scoot into me I hate, it IS the parents. Who are just so complacent and crappy. Merughhh. Control your offspring, if you don't, then I will not be held responsible for my actions. And that's sounds a bit rapey, I'm not a paedophile. 


Train commuters, can be the most fucking stupid people ON planet Earth, and I say that being one myself. I was on the train this morning, and, it was pretty packed, but, of course, instead of moving along the carriage, these STUPID people just stood there so it took a HERCULEAN effort just to get on the fucking train. And, then, THEN, when we're all on, some guy tries to get on, which normally would be ok, except he had a FUCKING BIKE. WHAT?! I KNOW. A BIKE. IN A CARRIAGE WHERE YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO STAND CONSCIOUSLY BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE AROUND YOU, YOU CAN JUST BE HELD UP!

And, y'know what gets me the most, I have to pay £2.40 for the privilege. 




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