Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 268

Thank heavens, it's Friday!

I have worked seemingly solidly for 5 days, missing out on sleep for this tonight and the rest tomorrow. Though of course, I can't include Sunday as this will be a frantic day of doing more work for school. But, I suppose we should be content with a 32 hour weekend?


Made me smile a moment ago, a few of my Facebook friends are 'attending' GCSE Results Day, the Facebook event, and bless them, they're all panicky with 'this'll make me or break me', 'the day I was made homeless', 'the start of the end of my life' - and I'm sitting here, like, you have NO idea. You honestly, just haven't a clue. Having started A2s, I'm just thinking, you just wait! I'd give anything to go and do my GCSEs again!

Anyway, Friday, well, history in the morning, looking at Mazzini and the ideas behind the Italian revolution, maths, I'm not really sure what we were meant to do, but, I ended up doing some statistics work! Then had a double free, and of course, that meant lotsa piano and card-playing, because I clearly have that time to spare...

Anyway, I'm off out this evening, how exciting! Well, I'm looking forward to it, though the weather is beginning to look quite depressing, in that, as soon as I wrote that, the rain started D:

Right, I'm gonna go get ready and stuff, and I'll leave you all to your wonderful Friday lives!


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