Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Day 286 - G

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 7 - G - Growing Up

So the whole point of today's post it to share with you what it was like growing up through mainly photos, so, that is what I shall do :)

A selection of photos from a baby me to me present day; enjoy?

Gosh what an ugly child!

Sorry for the rather picture-esque (get what I did there? :D) post, I'm off out tonight, so, yeah. All done on the quick. 

Have a wonderful evening y'all. <3

:4 <3

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 285 - F

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 6 - F - Faith

I've discussed my religious beliefs on here before, and you can read all the posts here: Religion

But, what I believe in changed every now and again, and I'm meant to be typing what I believe at this moment in time. So, here goes nothing. 

I'm not an atheist. I believe in something, but, I don't believe in the pre-conceived idea of any religion. I appreciate everything that religion can teach us, and what it gives to us, but am also fully aware of how it tears people apart. 

My problem with religion is not the religion itself, but with those who feel it is their right to preach what their beliefs are as if it is the absolute truth. It seems that more than anything, there's a total lack of compromise in religion. And, I find that religion really should move with the times, while retaining it's roots, without exploiting them. 

Death, it's not exactly what everyone wants to think about, but, I thought it may as well be one of the first things I address. To say I'm not scared of death would be silly, of course I am, but, more than my fear of death is the fear that this life is the only chance we get. It haunts me to think that once I'm dead, that's it. Never again will I get the chance to love, hate, laugh, write, play, compose, think, work or feel, condemned to total nothingness, THAT is what scares me most of all. The thought that what, 80 years? If I'm lucky, in just over 60 years, that, that's it. Never again. 

However, on a lighter note, I do think about what comes after the moment we die. I can't say I believe in heaven, or hell, or reincarnation, or anything as a singularity, but, what I hope is that when we die, everything exists. Whatever the individual believes in, is what the individual believes in. I like to think that Christians go to heaven, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs will be reincarnated, and so on and so forth. It's why I always have hope for when I die. Not only that, but I believe that the heaven we will all experience will be tailored the individual's idea of heaven. My heaven will be different to yours, and your heaven will be different to your best friend's, so that each one of us spends an eternity in our perfect idea of heaven. 

On that principle though, I don't believe in hell. I think that the idea of hell, and even 'purgatory' is used as a deterrent more than anything. Which is why I believe also that it is simply wrong to condemn certain people's to hell simply because they don't agree with your individual ideology. Every human makes mistakes, and it is in the very nature of the human to be individual. I don't think anyone in life deserves what the world of religion prescribes as hell. 

But faith, it is exactly that. While we are alive in this life, why do certain atheists feel the need to condemn religion and its followers entirely? Initially, surely it is the right of the individual to believe of renounce a faith, and that that is what it is: Hope, Faith, Comfort, Confidence, Community and Love. Forget all of those accusations of preaching hate, what of the widowed woman who seeks comfort in her religious community following her husband's death? What of the mother who loses a child and turns to God because it soothes her? What of the happy couple that want to spend their lives together, and want to ask for God's blessing? What of the orphans of war who turn to their God as a source of support in place of their parents? Tell me, if there are any 'die-hard' atheists reading this page, who on Earth do you think you are to tell me that these people are idiots, and that they are blind to real life? 

I respect people regardless of their opinion in one form of another, and, if you are an atheist, I have no problem with that at all. But, if you tell people you are stupid, as I have had friends who've done this, for people believing in religion, then perhaps you are the ignorant one. Who knows, just a suggestion. 

Wow, that was quite heavy...

I'll just give you a moment to digest that all.

Looking back though, maybe I'm as bad as those I set out to complain about for preaching MY beliefs on you all! Then again, I'll use the excuse that you came here to read what I have to say! No wonder though that it took me a few days to write this post.

Anyway, any questions, feel free to lemme know. Speaking of questions, the Q&A box is still up there for y'all to send me questions for the 'Q' post.. Just sayin'.

Enjoy your evenings. :3

<3 :4

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Day 284 - E

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 5 - E - Embarrassing Moments

So, as if you hadn't noticed, I'd been putting this post off for a few days, that and a few things going on means I haven't really been able to sit down and write a blog post for a few days, alas, here I am. 

So, embarrassing moments in my life. My oh my, there are loads, some of which are probably quite inappropriate to tell hundreds of people over the internet. 

Well in the past few days, I was in a car accident. Which was rather embarrassing as the rest of my family told everyone at the wedding we were at, so, yes, I was going past a lane of traffic, when a driver opened his van door straight into the car as I was going past.

So, as it stands, half of the car is in the glove compartment, before it goes into be repaired within the next fortnight.

There we go, 6 weeks after I pass my test, with some difficulty (see day 282 - C), I've been in my first accident. Embarrassing, to say the least. 

Erm, well, my parents, though they both read this blog, have caused me some embarrassment over the years, bless them. I do love them, but, yes. I suppose that's exactly what parents are for though, eh? :) Though I fear if I put too much down here, then I fear I may be an embarrassment to them!

What else of the years? Gosh. Numerable fallings over, breakdowns, injuries, stupid mistakes, stupid sayings, clichés, Tia Maria, not of course, to mention my drinking. 

I think there are a few photos which can probably sum up what I'm trying to say...

And, fearing that I've probably used this opportunity to indeed embarrass myself further. So, enjoy!

Remember, go, submit questions for the Q&A, at the top on the side! :)

:4 <3

Friday, 19 August 2011

Day 283 - D

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 4 - D - Day in the Life

OK, well, here's what happened today in my life; down to relatively near timings..! I did keep and eye on time throughout the day. :)

00:00 - At this time, I was awake still, sitting at my desk writing out my job application..
01:26 - I figured I could do with a bit of a laugh, so I sat in bed and watched a few episodes from Miranda, ad needless to say, I was in total hysterics
02:07 - Turned my laptop off, turned on my iPod and played a bit of Angry Birds :)
03:40 - Took my headphones off and went to sleep. Well, got to sleep soon enough afterwards. :D
09:20ish - I woke up at some point, but drifted in and out of sleep until around 10:30
10:43 - Gorrup', had a shower, came downstairs and had some breakfast
11:27 - Started trawling through University prospectuses and booking a few more open days. Looking at Queen Mary in London, and it looks gorgeous! I really want to go there. :3
13:26 - Lunch. :) For all of you who're interested, Tuna sandwiches. 
14:02 - Sat back down to finish my job application, which I got finished. Will be sending that off soon, within the next few days :)
15:20 - Headed out to go and get Matthew from the station..
15:38 - Went out and cleaned the car and did some under the bonnet stuff.
16:25 - Got a call from Richard telling me stuff about his interview day before he rang his dad, so. Always lovely to hear from him :)
17:02 - Sat down to watch Come Dine With Me, but, was looking at universities still.
18:08 - Got a second call from Richard to fill me in on the details, so, all was well there, so proud'a him. :4
18:33 - Dinner, and, again, for all of those interested, Spaghetti Bolognase, followed by fruit salad. :)
19:02 - Came back into the lounge and watched some more Miranda, before watching EastEnders at..
20:00 - EastEnders, which is about to finish.. I can tell you that I'll find some rubbish to watch until Big Brother at...
21:00-22:00 - I'll be watching Big Brother..

Who knows after that..!

I know, deepest apologies for what is such a dull post. Literally, just a step by step walk through my day, and I must admit, it's not even been an interesting day to tell you about. However, what is MORE interesting tomorrow, is me talking about my embarrassing moments.

Remember, go, submit questions please. Don't even care if it's just abuse! 

On Big Brother, I don't know if anybody watched it? It was crap... Well, no, no it's not, I'm just not sure that it was a 'celebrity' line-up to be envied, however, I'll be honest, I'd much rather be watching the normal Big Brother which starts in 3 weeks time! Though, I don't think it'll be as good as last year's series. :3

RAWR. Well Done. :4

Anyway, evenin' all :) <3

<3 :4 

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day 282 - C

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 3 - C - Cars

Day 3, and this seems to be proving quite popular, with just under 300 views in the past few days, so that brings us onto our next day, cars, and I must say that it's been a rather eventful year for the automobile-ing section of my life. :)

I passed my test on 1st July this year, albeit after 2 unsuccessful attempts, with only 4 minors in the test. 

However, yes, it took a rather traumatic few weeks worth of failing and frustration and me making the most ridiculous errors/cock-ups etc, I passed. Thankfully. 

On my first test, as I arrived at the test centre, the hail promptly started, and, throughout the test, the weather was touch and go. Alas, I only actually picked up 4 minors on the whole test, however, the unfortunate thing was, I failed to look over my shoulder in a parallel park. So, erm. Fail. 

However, I was a little frustrated, but figured that 'all the best people pass the second time round', so, I prepared a bit more in apprehension of my following test. 

Which, well, I got myself rather wound up, and panicked and all the rest of it and gloriously failed my next test when I reversed round the corner and promptly mounted the curb, as well as picking up 6 or so minors. So, yeah. I was rather peeved.

HOWEVER. I took my medication and found myself a little more relaxed come my third test. And, yes, PASSED. 

So, now, my first car is mother's Renault Megane, and, yes. What a lovely car it is to drive!

AND, I've not yet crashed. I hit the curb a few times when I was learning, but, no, not yet crashed!

*touches wood*

Anyway, sorry for a rather dull blog post this evening, but I had to write it rather quickly before going to watch Big Brother which starts this evening! So, I'm rather excited, it must be said :) But, of course, I am a bit of a loser..

AND, then I'll have to watch Torchwood after that as well, and I think I don't really need to say so much, but I'm a little relieved and a lot calmer after my results, and congratulations to everyone who did so well!

And a little bit of a good luck for tomorrow too. You know who you are. :) 

<3 :4

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 281 - B

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 2 - B - Best Friend

To say I have one best friend these days would be a tricky affair, well, tricky in that it would be impossible. So, I'm gonna outline a few people instead. 


This boy is wonderful. Quite simply. Having known him for nigh on 6 years now, he's so wonderful. I probably couldn't ask for a better person to listen to all my stories and complaints and all that jazz. Quite simply wonderful. I wish I had a few more adjectives to use, but, he's quite simply that. Of course, he gets on my nerves when he bangs on using the same word again, and again, and again, but even so, I'll let him off. :)
That, and I had a rather wonderful evening with him tonight, and this afternoon as well. He has a wonderful taste in music. ;)


I don't think anyone other than me who reads this blog will have met Dan, but, he's great. I find him being so supportive some of the time, amidst his total fucking lunacy and piss-taking, but, either way, he knows I'm in love with him. Just don't tell him, he'd never let me off him knowing. Despicably outrageous, and often terrible embarrassing, don't ever ask him for a peaceful time, eh Dan? ;)
Nor is there a photo of Dan and I together.. so, no photo. Sorry darling. :)


One of the most beautiful girls I know, though she won't accept it. I love this girl with all my heart. Maybe it's a thing with having loud friends, but my oh my, as well as having one of the most infectious laughs ever, she's perfectly lovely, and, gosh, I know if I had a problem and I needed someone to talk to, she's pretty much always there, and although I don't tell her much, I appreciate it so much.

We've a past together, and more than anything, it's made our friendship blossom and grow, and, arghh. The photo is at my 16th, Saskia and I on the sofa. Along with a million and one others. :) <3

Sarah and Phoebe

Loyal follower, complimenter and fellow Jeremy Kyle disciple, I honestly cannot find a bad word to say about the gorgeous Sarah. I mean, not only does she make great toast and a MARVELLOUS cup of tea, her conversational skills are second to none, and I honestly can't think of a single thing I don't love about her.

Whenever I'm about, she has a smile plastered on her face and I appreciate every single time she's ever cheered me up, and also, without her, I may not know Phoebe, who, too, I love and consider a dear, beloved friend.

Phoebe herself, is sickeningly talented, and so bloody modest too! I honestly, could spend a whole day shouting her praises from the roof just because, she deserves so much, she works so hard, and my word, she's so beautiful. :)

I hope they don't mind me pairing them together, but, I love them both so much.

It makes me realise as I write this, just how much love there is in my life, and, it makes me smile that there just IS so much love and so much friendship and so much happiness. It's lovely. <3


Samantha Cottam has seen me through the best and worst times these past few years, and God only knows how much I love, appreciate and cherish her friendship. Even if we're only baking and talking, or burying one another under mattresses, every single second I spend with Sam is one so well spent. Though we may have drifted before, she deserves every success and happiness that life has to offer her.

Also, she holds the title of best gossiping partner I've ever had. ;D AND, she has a GREAT taste in mints. :)

But yes, we've had a great friendship, and, I hope that it blossoms and continue for a great many years to come. <3


Well, this is just a different type of friendship, somewhat. RAWR to him. Obviously, I wonder how much I can write on here without revealing too much to people, aha; hmm. This is tricky.
Other than the continual bullying, piss-taking and personal point scoring, I do love him. And he should know that. And, heaven knows I always will in one capacity or another. :) He's totally beautiful, though don't tell him, else his head will expand through sheer ego inflation. ;)

STILL feeling high as a kite though. :)

I'd write more, but, I'm not sure I could get away with it...!


If I've missed you off this list, I apologise! But obviously, I can only write about so many people, and, rawrr. Sorry, if you're not on here, but, I DO LOVE all my friends, I promise, I PROMISE. :)<3
And, to all you others, thank you for absolutely everything, everybody!

:4 <3

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 280 - A

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 1 - A - Animals

Here we go then, animals.

I have to say, this was one of the more mundane subjects that have been prescribed, but here goes :)

My first pet, a dog, called Summer. She was only with us for a few days, but in that time, I managed to fall over and cut my face open. That's pretty much all I remember about Summer, she had to go back :/

Next up was Sophie, our second dog, a gorgeous whippet/lurcher breed. Tall, black, sleek, fast, but still rather odd! Here's a photo of mum and I with Sophie, when I was.. oh. 7 years old?

Unfortunately, she was put down a few years together due to cancer and complications with a leg breakage, and that was quite hard on us all really, she was such a lovely part of our family!

Clearly, we couldn't go replacing her straight away, and in the interim, I had a couple of goldfish, one of whom lasted about a week, but the other, well she lasted ages!

Cadbury died within a fortnight or so, bless him, but Rose (yes, a goldfish, called Rose...) - well she lasted years! I remember, when we went away on holiday, she refused to eat her food block, and we got home to be greeted with a rotting fish with a hole through the stomach. Hello toilet flush. Ah, the good ol' fish funeral!

However, the next dog came along soon after, and what better way to follow on from the loss of a dark and elegant dog to get a totally stupid, fat, short one?!

Alas, let me introduce Misty, another rescue dog to you, and a photo of 15 year old me :P

She's still with us, and, still eating.
And still putting on weight...

But other than that, I've not had a long line of pets by any means, hence why I felt this post would will be a little dull, so I do apologise for that!

However, on a more trivial note, The Animals version of 'The House of the Rising Sun' is one of my favourite songs from the 1960s..

My ideal pet? I don't know! I don't know if I'm really a pet person, I like pets, but, only when I don't have to clear up after them, I'd really not want a pet that I'd have to spent hours just, clearing out!

A similar idea as to why I don't really want children, come to that! Plus there's the whole hassle of having to deal with them when you go on holiday, et cetera.. Really, instead of having a cat to cuddle up to, I'd rather have another person. Tbh. :)

So there you go, 1 day down, 25 to go, and just under 200 of you came to read this yesterday, I was impressed!

REMEMBER! ASK QUESTIONS! The Formspring widget is there! I'll be answering them in the Q&A when we get to Day Q :)

Anyway, ciao :) <3 :4

Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 279

It amuses me that 3 viewers have arrived at my blog through searching Google for: "i like you jk i don't" 
It can't say good things can it?! :P

So, as promised yesterday, for the following 26 days, I'll be taking the A-Z Blogging Challenge, where each day you have to talk about the prescribed subject for said day, and to give you a clue, here are the topics that I'll cover in the next 3 and a bit weeks :)

A: Animals, Talk about any pets you have, had, or want.
B: Best Friend
C: Cars... talk about your first car, the car you have now, any accidents, driving pet peeves, etc.
D: Day in the Life of Me
E: Embarrassing Moment
F: Faith... where are you now?
G: Growing Up... share a few childhood photos and stories.
H: Hairstyles... what your hair looks like now, ugliest haircut, haircut you want, etc.
I: Interesting Facts About You
J: Jokes
K: Kicking the Bucket... share your bucket list.
L: Love... what are you looking for in a significant other?
M: Music
N: Nothing... talk about something entirely random for a day.
O: Old... what kind of old person do you want to be?
P: Poem
Q: Questions and Answers... have a Q&A with some of your readers.
R: Reading... what are you reading?
S: Smile... five reasons YOU smile.
T: Typing... take a typing test and share it.
U: Underdog... what's an underdog you can't help but stand up for?
V: Vacations... vacations you've taken or dream vacations.
W: Wearing... what is your favorite outfit?
X: X-Treme... something crazy you've done.
Y: Youth... in what ways are you still a kid at heart?
Z: Zen... what calms you down?

I hope you stick about for'em, Once again, I'm trying to get back into blogging, and, this'll give me more excuse to talk a load of crap on the internet, as if I don't do enough of it already. :P

HOWEVER! As part of Q, the Q&A, I'll be reopening my FormSpring account until the blog post, so, abusers, lovers and all of you in between, GET ASKING! You have until. Well, until I get around to Q! 
You can ask here - > FormSpring < 
Or, with the widget on the side!

Not too much abuse though, eh? I don't think my self esteem could handle it again! :P

I'll let you all get back to your Mondays, and erm. Yes. Cheerio!

<3 :4

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Day 278

Evening, world!
My, it's certainly been an INTERESTING week, to say the least. But, one full of memories!

So, yesterday evening, I went to see Tim Minchin, and by GOD. MY LIFE. He is just, so incredible. Well, actually it was part of the Proms season on the BBC, and you can watch the televised concert I was at on the 27th August on BBC2, so that's exciting. You can also listen to it on Radio 3 iPlayer. if you want. :P

ERM. I thought I'd stop by just to leave a quick note, saying. Hoorah.

What I'm thinking about doing is a blogging challenge, by where I actually have something to blog about in the future, rather than just nonsensically rambling. So, I'll begin that tomorrow, hopefully!


Until tomorrow my chums. <3

:4 <3

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 277

When I said on Day 120 that, 'I wonder what 2011 will bring', I didn't realise what an understatement that was.
It's the 9th August, 8 and a bit months through the year, and what have we faced so far?! Well.

+ Death of Osama bin Laden
+ Egyptian Revolution
+ Libyan/Syrian Uprising
+ The Hacking Scandal and Closure of the NOTW
+ The Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami
+ The Royal Wedding, Watched by 2billion people.
+ Ratko Mladić is arrested
+ The World's First Artificial Organ Transplant is Successful
+ The Norway Terror attacks
+ The Death of Amy Winehouse
+ The Death of Elizabeth Taylor
+ London Riots

It's been an eventful year, hasn't it! God only knows what's to come for the rest of the year.

However, back to the London Riots. And what more can I say. I think almost everyone I know is as totally disgusted as I am. 

In fact, let's name and shame some people, shall we?!/missgucci13 (!/se7bird


I'll be the first one to praise the police.

Y'know, normally I'd rant a lot about this, proper go for it, but you know what? These people don't deserve the time of day. They'll continue to riot tonight I shouldn't wonder, perhaps more violently than last night, and if they do then we shall stand united against them. 

For those of us who continue to blame the police for their lack of response, there'll be 16,000 officers in London alone tonight, all police leave is cancelled, holidays for policemen, such as my neighbour, have been cut short for them and their families to deal with this disgrace. Parliament is being recalled on Thursday to deal with this too, and, though I feel I may be an advocate for some more extreme solutions, let's see how the police deal with it tonight. It has already been suggested that if 16,000 officers can't deal with it, then there's a possibility of introducing a curfew for the day after that. 

Who knows. I'll leave you with this uplifiting image. 

"As looters and rioters smashed up shops, looted and fought with police in Camden Town, Philippa Morgan-Walker, 25 and her husband, Jonny Walker, 31, made tea for the police who were protecting their street. Some of the officers had been on duty for more than 30 hours."

An interesting day, to say the least. :4


Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 276

So, for all of those of you who keep up with me on Twitter will know, I'm getting pretty angry at the London Riots. So, this evening, it's spread to Hackney. There have been shop windows broken, looting, a bus has had it's driver forced off the bus and the window smashed. What get's me most annoyed, is WHY people are protesting. 

In the middle-east, people demonstrate for democracy, in Spain and Greece, nationwide economic stability. And London? Well, for free stuff. That's what gets me. Originally, the protests in Tottenham were started over the murder of a gang member who police believe were shooting at them. Today's protests were said to have started because the police conducted a stop and search on a member of the public, which needless to say, is perfectly within their right to do so. So, hundreds of thugs start looting shops and throwing things at riot police. Now, if someone can see the logic in this, please point it out to me. It's totally ridiculous. 

Opportunistic fucking criminals, doing it because they want to. And all at the expense of the men, women, children and elderly citizens losing their homes, possessions and memories, for NO sake at all.

Literally, as I'm typing, police officers have just been attacked in Lewisham, why? Well, no reason of course. "Some officers have come under attack, reinforcements are being sent" - Can someone PLEASE explain to these rioters, nay, thugs, that the police are there to serve the public, and to protect. They deserve respect for their work, not random and needless violence. 

My brother's just sitting here like: "These guys are such pussies" - we're watching the news, and of course, all these rioters, ie, thugs, are all standing there provoking the police and then as soon as the riot police run to calm them down, they run away like little children, it's so pathetic, every single one of those thugs are pathetic. 

This is of course, on the same day that the stock markets continued to crash, and I must say, what are we going to think when we're older, and we look back at our childhood, we're growing up in some very turbulent times, and I wonder what'll come of these riots and protests. I think the police should have more power, following a conversation I had with Daniel last night, I honestly believe that police should have more power, they should have a higher authority and command respect and subservience. Hey, maybe there isn't too much of a problem with totalitarianism after all. 

However, amongst all this news coverage, let's all blame the youths. -_-

I say, call in the army, enforce a curfew and let's see if these fucking pathetic tossers keep rioting.

Rule Britannia! Whatever's left of it.

<3 :4