Sunday, 14 August 2011

Day 278

Evening, world!
My, it's certainly been an INTERESTING week, to say the least. But, one full of memories!

So, yesterday evening, I went to see Tim Minchin, and by GOD. MY LIFE. He is just, so incredible. Well, actually it was part of the Proms season on the BBC, and you can watch the televised concert I was at on the 27th August on BBC2, so that's exciting. You can also listen to it on Radio 3 iPlayer. if you want. :P

ERM. I thought I'd stop by just to leave a quick note, saying. Hoorah.

What I'm thinking about doing is a blogging challenge, by where I actually have something to blog about in the future, rather than just nonsensically rambling. So, I'll begin that tomorrow, hopefully!


Until tomorrow my chums. <3

:4 <3

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