Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 279

It amuses me that 3 viewers have arrived at my blog through searching Google for: "i like you jk i don't" 
It can't say good things can it?! :P

So, as promised yesterday, for the following 26 days, I'll be taking the A-Z Blogging Challenge, where each day you have to talk about the prescribed subject for said day, and to give you a clue, here are the topics that I'll cover in the next 3 and a bit weeks :)

A: Animals, Talk about any pets you have, had, or want.
B: Best Friend
C: Cars... talk about your first car, the car you have now, any accidents, driving pet peeves, etc.
D: Day in the Life of Me
E: Embarrassing Moment
F: Faith... where are you now?
G: Growing Up... share a few childhood photos and stories.
H: Hairstyles... what your hair looks like now, ugliest haircut, haircut you want, etc.
I: Interesting Facts About You
J: Jokes
K: Kicking the Bucket... share your bucket list.
L: Love... what are you looking for in a significant other?
M: Music
N: Nothing... talk about something entirely random for a day.
O: Old... what kind of old person do you want to be?
P: Poem
Q: Questions and Answers... have a Q&A with some of your readers.
R: Reading... what are you reading?
S: Smile... five reasons YOU smile.
T: Typing... take a typing test and share it.
U: Underdog... what's an underdog you can't help but stand up for?
V: Vacations... vacations you've taken or dream vacations.
W: Wearing... what is your favorite outfit?
X: X-Treme... something crazy you've done.
Y: Youth... in what ways are you still a kid at heart?
Z: Zen... what calms you down?

I hope you stick about for'em, Once again, I'm trying to get back into blogging, and, this'll give me more excuse to talk a load of crap on the internet, as if I don't do enough of it already. :P

HOWEVER! As part of Q, the Q&A, I'll be reopening my FormSpring account until the blog post, so, abusers, lovers and all of you in between, GET ASKING! You have until. Well, until I get around to Q! 
You can ask here - > FormSpring < 
Or, with the widget on the side!

Not too much abuse though, eh? I don't think my self esteem could handle it again! :P

I'll let you all get back to your Mondays, and erm. Yes. Cheerio!

<3 :4

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