Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 281 - B

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 2 - B - Best Friend

To say I have one best friend these days would be a tricky affair, well, tricky in that it would be impossible. So, I'm gonna outline a few people instead. 


This boy is wonderful. Quite simply. Having known him for nigh on 6 years now, he's so wonderful. I probably couldn't ask for a better person to listen to all my stories and complaints and all that jazz. Quite simply wonderful. I wish I had a few more adjectives to use, but, he's quite simply that. Of course, he gets on my nerves when he bangs on using the same word again, and again, and again, but even so, I'll let him off. :)
That, and I had a rather wonderful evening with him tonight, and this afternoon as well. He has a wonderful taste in music. ;)


I don't think anyone other than me who reads this blog will have met Dan, but, he's great. I find him being so supportive some of the time, amidst his total fucking lunacy and piss-taking, but, either way, he knows I'm in love with him. Just don't tell him, he'd never let me off him knowing. Despicably outrageous, and often terrible embarrassing, don't ever ask him for a peaceful time, eh Dan? ;)
Nor is there a photo of Dan and I together.. so, no photo. Sorry darling. :)


One of the most beautiful girls I know, though she won't accept it. I love this girl with all my heart. Maybe it's a thing with having loud friends, but my oh my, as well as having one of the most infectious laughs ever, she's perfectly lovely, and, gosh, I know if I had a problem and I needed someone to talk to, she's pretty much always there, and although I don't tell her much, I appreciate it so much.

We've a past together, and more than anything, it's made our friendship blossom and grow, and, arghh. The photo is at my 16th, Saskia and I on the sofa. Along with a million and one others. :) <3

Sarah and Phoebe

Loyal follower, complimenter and fellow Jeremy Kyle disciple, I honestly cannot find a bad word to say about the gorgeous Sarah. I mean, not only does she make great toast and a MARVELLOUS cup of tea, her conversational skills are second to none, and I honestly can't think of a single thing I don't love about her.

Whenever I'm about, she has a smile plastered on her face and I appreciate every single time she's ever cheered me up, and also, without her, I may not know Phoebe, who, too, I love and consider a dear, beloved friend.

Phoebe herself, is sickeningly talented, and so bloody modest too! I honestly, could spend a whole day shouting her praises from the roof just because, she deserves so much, she works so hard, and my word, she's so beautiful. :)

I hope they don't mind me pairing them together, but, I love them both so much.

It makes me realise as I write this, just how much love there is in my life, and, it makes me smile that there just IS so much love and so much friendship and so much happiness. It's lovely. <3


Samantha Cottam has seen me through the best and worst times these past few years, and God only knows how much I love, appreciate and cherish her friendship. Even if we're only baking and talking, or burying one another under mattresses, every single second I spend with Sam is one so well spent. Though we may have drifted before, she deserves every success and happiness that life has to offer her.

Also, she holds the title of best gossiping partner I've ever had. ;D AND, she has a GREAT taste in mints. :)

But yes, we've had a great friendship, and, I hope that it blossoms and continue for a great many years to come. <3


Well, this is just a different type of friendship, somewhat. RAWR to him. Obviously, I wonder how much I can write on here without revealing too much to people, aha; hmm. This is tricky.
Other than the continual bullying, piss-taking and personal point scoring, I do love him. And he should know that. And, heaven knows I always will in one capacity or another. :) He's totally beautiful, though don't tell him, else his head will expand through sheer ego inflation. ;)

STILL feeling high as a kite though. :)

I'd write more, but, I'm not sure I could get away with it...!


If I've missed you off this list, I apologise! But obviously, I can only write about so many people, and, rawrr. Sorry, if you're not on here, but, I DO LOVE all my friends, I promise, I PROMISE. :)<3
And, to all you others, thank you for absolutely everything, everybody!

:4 <3

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