Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day 282 - C

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 3 - C - Cars

Day 3, and this seems to be proving quite popular, with just under 300 views in the past few days, so that brings us onto our next day, cars, and I must say that it's been a rather eventful year for the automobile-ing section of my life. :)

I passed my test on 1st July this year, albeit after 2 unsuccessful attempts, with only 4 minors in the test. 

However, yes, it took a rather traumatic few weeks worth of failing and frustration and me making the most ridiculous errors/cock-ups etc, I passed. Thankfully. 

On my first test, as I arrived at the test centre, the hail promptly started, and, throughout the test, the weather was touch and go. Alas, I only actually picked up 4 minors on the whole test, however, the unfortunate thing was, I failed to look over my shoulder in a parallel park. So, erm. Fail. 

However, I was a little frustrated, but figured that 'all the best people pass the second time round', so, I prepared a bit more in apprehension of my following test. 

Which, well, I got myself rather wound up, and panicked and all the rest of it and gloriously failed my next test when I reversed round the corner and promptly mounted the curb, as well as picking up 6 or so minors. So, yeah. I was rather peeved.

HOWEVER. I took my medication and found myself a little more relaxed come my third test. And, yes, PASSED. 

So, now, my first car is mother's Renault Megane, and, yes. What a lovely car it is to drive!

AND, I've not yet crashed. I hit the curb a few times when I was learning, but, no, not yet crashed!

*touches wood*

Anyway, sorry for a rather dull blog post this evening, but I had to write it rather quickly before going to watch Big Brother which starts this evening! So, I'm rather excited, it must be said :) But, of course, I am a bit of a loser..

AND, then I'll have to watch Torchwood after that as well, and I think I don't really need to say so much, but I'm a little relieved and a lot calmer after my results, and congratulations to everyone who did so well!

And a little bit of a good luck for tomorrow too. You know who you are. :) 

<3 :4

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