Friday, 19 August 2011

Day 283 - D

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 4 - D - Day in the Life

OK, well, here's what happened today in my life; down to relatively near timings..! I did keep and eye on time throughout the day. :)

00:00 - At this time, I was awake still, sitting at my desk writing out my job application..
01:26 - I figured I could do with a bit of a laugh, so I sat in bed and watched a few episodes from Miranda, ad needless to say, I was in total hysterics
02:07 - Turned my laptop off, turned on my iPod and played a bit of Angry Birds :)
03:40 - Took my headphones off and went to sleep. Well, got to sleep soon enough afterwards. :D
09:20ish - I woke up at some point, but drifted in and out of sleep until around 10:30
10:43 - Gorrup', had a shower, came downstairs and had some breakfast
11:27 - Started trawling through University prospectuses and booking a few more open days. Looking at Queen Mary in London, and it looks gorgeous! I really want to go there. :3
13:26 - Lunch. :) For all of you who're interested, Tuna sandwiches. 
14:02 - Sat back down to finish my job application, which I got finished. Will be sending that off soon, within the next few days :)
15:20 - Headed out to go and get Matthew from the station..
15:38 - Went out and cleaned the car and did some under the bonnet stuff.
16:25 - Got a call from Richard telling me stuff about his interview day before he rang his dad, so. Always lovely to hear from him :)
17:02 - Sat down to watch Come Dine With Me, but, was looking at universities still.
18:08 - Got a second call from Richard to fill me in on the details, so, all was well there, so proud'a him. :4
18:33 - Dinner, and, again, for all of those interested, Spaghetti Bolognase, followed by fruit salad. :)
19:02 - Came back into the lounge and watched some more Miranda, before watching EastEnders at..
20:00 - EastEnders, which is about to finish.. I can tell you that I'll find some rubbish to watch until Big Brother at...
21:00-22:00 - I'll be watching Big Brother..

Who knows after that..!

I know, deepest apologies for what is such a dull post. Literally, just a step by step walk through my day, and I must admit, it's not even been an interesting day to tell you about. However, what is MORE interesting tomorrow, is me talking about my embarrassing moments.

Remember, go, submit questions please. Don't even care if it's just abuse! 

On Big Brother, I don't know if anybody watched it? It was crap... Well, no, no it's not, I'm just not sure that it was a 'celebrity' line-up to be envied, however, I'll be honest, I'd much rather be watching the normal Big Brother which starts in 3 weeks time! Though, I don't think it'll be as good as last year's series. :3

RAWR. Well Done. :4

Anyway, evenin' all :) <3

<3 :4 

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