Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 285 - F

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 6 - F - Faith

I've discussed my religious beliefs on here before, and you can read all the posts here: Religion

But, what I believe in changed every now and again, and I'm meant to be typing what I believe at this moment in time. So, here goes nothing. 

I'm not an atheist. I believe in something, but, I don't believe in the pre-conceived idea of any religion. I appreciate everything that religion can teach us, and what it gives to us, but am also fully aware of how it tears people apart. 

My problem with religion is not the religion itself, but with those who feel it is their right to preach what their beliefs are as if it is the absolute truth. It seems that more than anything, there's a total lack of compromise in religion. And, I find that religion really should move with the times, while retaining it's roots, without exploiting them. 

Death, it's not exactly what everyone wants to think about, but, I thought it may as well be one of the first things I address. To say I'm not scared of death would be silly, of course I am, but, more than my fear of death is the fear that this life is the only chance we get. It haunts me to think that once I'm dead, that's it. Never again will I get the chance to love, hate, laugh, write, play, compose, think, work or feel, condemned to total nothingness, THAT is what scares me most of all. The thought that what, 80 years? If I'm lucky, in just over 60 years, that, that's it. Never again. 

However, on a lighter note, I do think about what comes after the moment we die. I can't say I believe in heaven, or hell, or reincarnation, or anything as a singularity, but, what I hope is that when we die, everything exists. Whatever the individual believes in, is what the individual believes in. I like to think that Christians go to heaven, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs will be reincarnated, and so on and so forth. It's why I always have hope for when I die. Not only that, but I believe that the heaven we will all experience will be tailored the individual's idea of heaven. My heaven will be different to yours, and your heaven will be different to your best friend's, so that each one of us spends an eternity in our perfect idea of heaven. 

On that principle though, I don't believe in hell. I think that the idea of hell, and even 'purgatory' is used as a deterrent more than anything. Which is why I believe also that it is simply wrong to condemn certain people's to hell simply because they don't agree with your individual ideology. Every human makes mistakes, and it is in the very nature of the human to be individual. I don't think anyone in life deserves what the world of religion prescribes as hell. 

But faith, it is exactly that. While we are alive in this life, why do certain atheists feel the need to condemn religion and its followers entirely? Initially, surely it is the right of the individual to believe of renounce a faith, and that that is what it is: Hope, Faith, Comfort, Confidence, Community and Love. Forget all of those accusations of preaching hate, what of the widowed woman who seeks comfort in her religious community following her husband's death? What of the mother who loses a child and turns to God because it soothes her? What of the happy couple that want to spend their lives together, and want to ask for God's blessing? What of the orphans of war who turn to their God as a source of support in place of their parents? Tell me, if there are any 'die-hard' atheists reading this page, who on Earth do you think you are to tell me that these people are idiots, and that they are blind to real life? 

I respect people regardless of their opinion in one form of another, and, if you are an atheist, I have no problem with that at all. But, if you tell people you are stupid, as I have had friends who've done this, for people believing in religion, then perhaps you are the ignorant one. Who knows, just a suggestion. 

Wow, that was quite heavy...

I'll just give you a moment to digest that all.

Looking back though, maybe I'm as bad as those I set out to complain about for preaching MY beliefs on you all! Then again, I'll use the excuse that you came here to read what I have to say! No wonder though that it took me a few days to write this post.

Anyway, any questions, feel free to lemme know. Speaking of questions, the Q&A box is still up there for y'all to send me questions for the 'Q' post.. Just sayin'.

Enjoy your evenings. :3

<3 :4

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