Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 301 - L

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Day 11 - L - Love

I love, and I am loved. 

I fall in love with people, not images, not ideologies, not materials, people. 

Real people. People with personalities, with flaws and imprfections, whose idea of living is more than self advancement. 

I love selflessness. 

I don't hate people who have to depend on their looks, I pity them. 

If you have to take all your photos with your top off, just to get noticed, to get heard, or read, or complimented, y'know what? That's not real life. That's vanity. 

If you build your whole life thinking you can do anything because you're attractive, or popular, well. You have no idea. You're not living, you're existing. Feeding off the empty compliments and the fakery of it all. 

I don't envy you, I don't envy your life, because despite everything, I wouldn't change my life for the world.

I called this blog LifeLifeLifeLifeLife - for 2 reasons. Firstly, because that's the only blog title I would have considered that was actually available (!) - but more importantly, that's what all this is about. My life, my love, my friendships, my annoyances, my experiences. And You. The fact you read this, share my life with me, it's a great honour.

But what does any of that matter. I'm only me.



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  1. Hey Tom, Rachel here, just want to say (as I have before), that your blog is AWESOME! (as is your music etc)..haven't seen you in a looong time! We need to catch up :D