Friday, 6 April 2012

Day 307 - Beauty


So at the moment, it looks like I'm managing to blog every 2 days or so? Which isn't that bad actually. I'm keeping up with some structure I suppose.

I saw a status on Facebook this morning, and, I thought I'd just share it with you all.

"Can everyone please stop 'liking' pictures with captions like "she's beautiful just the way she is" or "he fought for our country therefore he deserves our likes" - the person who posted it clearly just wants attention and they don't really give a shit. If you want to help veterans or disabled people - volunteer or give money to a fucking charity."
And, the biggest applause to what was said.

A very good point is made, though. I suppose you could argue that you're raising awareness for a cause, such as veteran soldiers, or cancer charities, or disability charities, but by clicking 'like', are you really showing your respect? Hmm. Perhaps. Anyway, that's something for you to ponder on!

Now, for those internet-savvy among you, you may have come across Samantha Brick in the past few days. For those of you who haven't, Samantha Brick is probably the most reviled woman on the internet at the moment. Basically, she wrote an article in the Daily Mail saying how she was hated by other women because she was 'so beautiful'.

You can read the article here:

Now, if after reading that, you're not too angry to read yet more of her bullshit.. she published another article a few days later:

Needless to say, Mrs Brick had pretty much been trending on Twitter for a good few days straight... and some of her more.. shady characteristics came to light. This from The Telegraph:

Minimal reaction, if any, was provoked by the article in which she revealed her husband had locked her in their car until she agreed to change into an outfit he deemed appropriate. The admission, in another piece, that she was “too scared of gaining weight to consider getting pregnant” became proverbial fish and chip paper.Twitter was not troubled by her revelation that she had spent €30,000 on psychics, or that she had divorced her first husband on the advice of one. Nor did it seem particularly inflamed by the news that her second husband had threatened to divorce her if she ever got fat.
Yet, I think this asks an important question. Just what IS beauty? Is it only skin deep? Is it in the eye of the beholder? The answer? Well. Sort of, I don't have one. I suppose the idea of beauty is something open to interpretation to different people. There too lies a significant point, I believe there's a difference between being beautiful and being attractive.

Google Beautiful - Of a very high standard; fair, nice.
Google Attractive - Appealing to look at; sexually alluring.

And I think there's the difference. Sexual attractiveness is, by and large, skin deep. But beauty is not. Beauty takes into account someone's personality, who they are, their soul, not just their appearance.

God knows I have a few Facebook friends who think that they are absolutely God's aesthetic gift to humanity, but that's... well, that's about it. They're totally void of a personality and base their entire life on maintaining a certain image. Like, it's fair play if you wanna look good, I think we all do! But.. when one's image comes before one's person, then I think that's the problem.

I'm not saying that you can't be beautiful AND attractive, because you can, and I know people who ARE very attractive and very lovely! I think, really, we all just need to put this obsession over image behind us. It's no wonder that a lot of girls, from what I've heard, feel the constant need to be so attractive to guys when there remains a certain stereotype of teenage guys (who, are very much real!) who demand such standards.

And, if I'm honest with you girls, I don't know who of you will be reading this, but, I overheard a conversation between 3 guys at school the other day, Year 13 Students at the Forest, who, I won't name.. but it went something like this:

"Ahh yeah, they all think they're fit, but they're not!" - "The only reason guys fuck [her] is because [she's] so desperate, tell her she's fit and she'll let you fuck her."

No word of a lie, people I know are being talked about like that, yet they honestly believe that these boys think they're attractive.

I'm not naming names, and you can ask me all you like, but, it's also not the first time I've heard a conversation like that.

Anyway, on that note, I think I'll stop. I've said my part.


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