Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day 311 - Bigots

Comments, on an article about the Church of England attacking the plans to legalise gay marriage: 
  • I condemn it because it is a perversion! I am a Christian and homosexuals to use the correct term Gay means to be happy! So homosexuals have no right to force others to accept their sorded life style and I sincerely hope that all Christian denominations will boycott homosexual partnerships as to call it marriage is shouting in the face of God!
  • What a recipe for the end of mankind. oh to be gay. the end would be sooner for all. gays would cause the end of life as we know it.
  • It's not marriage they need it's counselling. Shouldn't we be looking at ways to correct this faulty gene and eradicate the problem the problem from our society
  • We need science to come up with a cure for gays.......i can think of one right away.
  • Only gays think it is normal to be abnormal. it is not moral it is immoral. marry the church in gods heaven, not your brother to your brother.
  • gay men are subhuman and should be treated as such.rope and a tree
  • It's not marriage they need it's counselling. Shouldn't we be looking for a way to correct this faulty gene and eradicate this scourge of society
  • this is just sick,
  • Homosexuality is a perversion and a mental sickness, and is totally against Gods design of how we should be and the church has to stand for Godly truth first and formost instead of ungodly and demonic lies.
  • May gods curse be upon them all,i feel sick when i think about this.
  • The definition of marriage in the dictionary is the union of one man and one woman. So homosexuals and lesbians should NOT be allowed to be married . Or are the government going to re-write the dictionary.
  • Why should the views and beliefs of the gay minority be imposed on the majority of British people who oppose gay marriage? Is it because this minority is politically activist and the government and society are giving in to the pressure? Most people I talk to oppose gay marriage but unfortunately the few that speak up support it and everyone thinks that this is how the majority thinks.
  •  However, when the sordid affair attempts to be legitimised, in a house of worship which categorically stipulates the act of homosexuality is sinful, it becomes nothing more than a mockery to the said institution and those wishing to be ‘accepted’ by them.
  • Sodomy or the act of buggary is one of grave depravity and is against natural,moral and spiritual law.Often described as an english disease it is hugely offensive and disgusting to the majority of God fearing people.The bible makes it explicitly clear that it is condemned by God as an abomination and is a sin hated by God out of all sins.To use the law of a land to try and drive a wedge between man and his faith will lead to the law of the land being ignored over the law of God and thus will start a slippery slope to total inssurection against the state of the land.One wonders in what direction the government intends heading if it brings in laws rejected naturally by the vast and overwhelming majority.People that have an inclination to homosexuality are called to live lives of chastity and celibacy same as people who have an inclination towards paedophilia.Look what damage to society homosexuality amoungst less than 1% of catholic priests caused.It leads to a complete breakdown of morals and is highly promiscuos ,paedophillicand unsatiable in its liberalism run riot................When we are faced with a choice of following our faith given to us by our creator or following a temporary collection of thieving, erring people in government with laughable allusions to grandeur then we will make our choice and live in peace with God.The state will then also have become undemocratic and will rather be a militant atheistic dictatorship akin to hitler,stalin,marx or the other admirations of liberalism.I dare say it will end up the same way too.One lesson that these liberally, rudderless governments seem to have forgotten is that as they come and go the church that they try to supress grows vigorously under persecution.The human spirit is one of free will and rejects any indoctrination except the truth which it naturally seeks and turns to by the spirit of God in us.
  • The question should be.. What is the Point of Homosexual Behavior.? If as is been we are now being Browbeaten into thinking.. That Sexual Relaions between Two Men, and Two women is normal. What is the Point of Men and Women having Sexual Relation.?
    I suppose what we are to forget all about is Reproduction of the Specie. The Thing that's to speak it's Name.
  • These "People" are sad deep down...never really fulfilled, sure they cavort, and prance..but they are never truly happy..
  • If there`s one thing worse than same sex marriage as opposed to civil partnership it`s the thought of fostered or adopted children being raised by two mothers or two fathers. What an insidious situation to force on innocent and and normally inclined children. Of course the Church is correct in refusing to go down this deplorable road...it smacks of the decadence of the Roman Empire and look what happened to that!
  •  fills me with revulsion, How our government can condone this action is beyond me !
  • Some people are disgustingly evil. If they want to indulge in their sinful cravings, then why are they announcing to the whole world about it and insulting the Church? Marraige is for a man and a woman! Some people have a twisted mentality!
  • Cant understand why these gays would want a marriage in a church anyway. The church is to do with Christianity so they cant be Christian so whats the point of getting married in a church
  • Homosexuality is a disorder. End of.
  • Religion and Gays! Two of the worse creations on Earth.
  • I dont care what gays do....but I can't fathom why they feel the need to parade their sexuality & shove it in peoples faces. Why cant they live & let live? If the CofE doesn't want to conduct marriage services for them, so what? Why demand that everyone change to suit a small minority. A bit intolerant if you ask me
  • Sick country, led by sick politicians, voted for by sick morons!!!
  • Maybe we can all learn a lesson from Islam. They would never let filthy dirty gay marriages happen.
  • i wonder how long it will be before we are on the slippery slope to making homosexuality compulsory?
  • Before this debate really gets going, remember, if you disagree with gay marriage, according to the socialists and libtards, you are a homophobic, racist, little Englander, right wing nazi I know decent people find buggery abhorrant but this will not stop the unwashed, leftwing filth from making out it's actually normal.
  • Church of England is a joke. It should condemn homosexuality as a sin and call its followers to fight homosexual ideology everywhere. This is a war against society. Few sick people with money harassing nations around the world

I mean, should I continue? 

So long to any ounce of respect I have for the church.

Fuck humanity. Fuck it, because you know what, it's not worth it.

I have my friends and I have my family. And that's all I need.

I will die, and when I do, there will be nothing. This is my life, and this is my only shot at it. 

Oh, I cannot wait until the day where people wise up.