Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 312 - Thoughts of an Englishman in America

Alas, with only one full day remaining in the US of A, I thought now would be a great time to have a blog. As it stands, I'm sitting in the hotel lobby, the baseball is on my lil' screen at my part of the bar, and I'm surrounded by Americans.

Americans. What is there to say about them that hasn't been said before?! They're wonderful. First of all, they're all so damn nice! I've literally never known a race of people (y'know, because I know a lot of difference races as a whole..) be so.. polite! It's wonderful. They're wonderful. More than that, they're so cute, especially when it comes to how.. like. Innocent they are. Now, I know that innocent is hardly a word many use to describe the Americans, but, as an English person, spending my days amongst them, it's like, they're such a young culture! Y'know, they're still making their mistakes and if anything, I feel like a proud godparent of these people! They're loud and a little bit unsubtle but bless them! They don't know any better!

Subtlty, however, is something that the Americans REALLY don't get. When I think back to life in England, when it comes to conversation, advertising, food, service, anything like that, it all seems so.. quiet and subdued. I've never known anywhere or anything be -so- in your face as America is. It's literally 24/7 noise, lights, adverts, shouting and a total lack of.. tact. But it's amazing! When I first arrived, I was waking up at 4am because of jet lag, and before going to the gym in the morning, I'd look out over LA and see traffic and cars and it could have been any time in the day, it was just happening!

Speaking of cars, 90% of adverts are for cars out here. Seriously, I'm not joking, Honda, Mazda, Hyundai and Nissan, those cars, the same adverts constantly. And my God, the American TV they show those adverts on is... it's fucking awful. Even the news is full of explosions and loud noises and unlike British TV, they introduce a news story and leave the conclusion to the story on a cliffhanger, and then you have to sit 5 minutes through adverts before you get to know where the kidnapper hid the body, or where Michael Jackson's mother is, or what the new tax in San Diego is on! (Sugarry drinks, by the way..)

I did at least have the pleasure of sitting through America's Got Talent, which was simply awful. After every act, adverts. Even the judges were drinking drinks with the labels facing the camera JUST FOR A BIT MORE MONEY! Omgosh, it's non-stop you wouldn't believe it. Adverts even every mile on the motorways which are literally concrete deathtraps. The driving out here, is manic. There's no other word, it's simply mental.

Of course, it wouldn't be a post on American culture (lol, oxymoron?) if I didn't mention food. And my word, there's so much of it. Every other establishment on every road out here does food. It's everywhere. But don't get me wrong, it's incredible. To be fair to them, they know how to cook, and, although the diet isn't GREATLY varied, quite a few times out here, we've gone for steak, in a steakhouse just opposite our hotel, and it is without doubt the best steak I've ever eaten bar none. It doesn't even taste like steak, it tastes like heaven. Nom. But, yeah. Luckily I've done enough walking and tennis to balance out some of the calories.

And all that walking has been in the huge list of things I've done and seen while being out here. California really is as amazing as they say. When I think to what I'll have packed into this short time, I'm amazed. I've visited Warner Brothers Studios where I've sat on the set of FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory, seen a heap of original costumes and props and sets, seen 6 OSCARS, visited Universal Studios where I've seen some of the most classic sets from any film and TV show, like War of the Worlds, and the Grinch, and the set of Lady GaGa's 'Judas' video,

Also visited Disney and ridden enough rides in Disney, Universal Studios and Knottsberry Farm to last a lifetime! But to top all of that, the tour of California itself was amazing. I've walked up and down the Walk of Fame, seen the Kodak Theatre, the Hollywood Bowl, Venice Beach (where I got a contact high from the sheer amount of weed that was being smoked) driven through Beverly Hills, seen the Hollywood sign, Downton LA, and it's honestly been mindblowing. Plus the quality time I've spent with my family as our last proper family holiday before leaving for University has been really special.

But, my word I miss England! I miss proper tea, English news and English TV, my bedroom, my bed, my bathroom, my phone, the fact that all my beautiful wonderful friends are just, like a few moments away and I'm so looking forward to coming back and seeing you all again! That and drinking, Jesus, 10 days not being legally able to buy a drink is a shock to the system, my liver doesn't know what to do with itself!

Anyway, yes, I'll stop there, I promise. But, if you ever get the chance, come and visit LA. It's incredible. There's not a single place like it.

Until I see you all again, peace and love.